The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Chilling Morning

Being as I am, however elusive in my own way, I am alive and well and this is proof.

I got the bug to share a few thoughts after reading a friend's blog post, which I admittedly do on rare occasion. The bug to blog. As Ted King is racing the Tour of Poland and can't join me for a fine dining experience this peaceful morning, I took the liberty of hopefully complementing his recent nutritive post with another glance into an athlete's favorite time of day, meal time, which fortunately comes in many forms, many times during the day, as we are forever finding new ways to satisfy an abysmal appetite.

Today, the number of aspiring dietitians is multiplying. Most magazines issue and re-issue topics on what's right and what's wrong. What to eat? What not to eat? Your body is your temple. You are what you eat! Etcetera. No matter how many magazines, books, articles, journal entries and ads were released yesterday concerning nutrition, there will surely be just as many released today. This means that people's interest isn't satisfied by reading things once. Information is repeated all the time and amazingly, people read the same things over and over again in different forms - perhaps looking for something new, but still content to find what they already know to be reinforced.

It's a wonderful thing that the world is attempting a health-oriented mindset but this movement doesn't come without its caveats: dieting as a fad is dangerous and the media is a large contributor to growing complexes around the globe. It's nearly impossible to escape blaring ads reminding you to monitor your caloric intake; many companies' low calorie travesties are often supposed replacements for organic, wholesome foods. Though this is a topic worthy of a compilation of references, let's stick to the positive side of things for the day.

Those skeptics that can challenge the absurdity of most of today's tempting marketing strategies are able to adopt wholesome diets rich in nutrients.

That said, Tedward King's record of nutritive consumption during a typical training day is attractive to the proliferating population focused on mind and body. So I'll add to that.

For breakfast I like pancakes, oatmeal, baked goods, eggs, the usual - but usually with something fantastical about it. Ted's take on oatmeal with an egg whipped in sounds delicious. Really getting into cooking is for some, but not for all.

Breakfast in bowls:

Food in bowls is awesome and it all began in my college days when it was far easier to expedite mealtime by piling a bunch of stuff into my favorite half-sphere and mix it all up. Plus, I hate chasing small things like peas around on a plate with a fork worse than playing golf, so I welcome bowls to a number of my eating experiences. Except when I wanted toast. Or pancakes.

On a typical summer morning, I prefer a cool, simple breakfast with a hot cup of coffee or many. This morning I managed a bowl of fruit containing blueberries, a chopped peach and a few diced strawberries. I added some walnuts as well as chilled Bob's Red Mill Wheat Berries - a hearty whole grain alternative to the daily oatmeal trend I found myself stuck on for a lengthy period. It's got a similar texture to barley, which I've also enjoyed. When you pour some tasty almond milk over the combo, you get a refreshing start to your day. Plus, by happenstance, this is a vegan meal, so enjoy knowing you haven't killed animals if you care. Not that you killed them in the first place, but let's not get into that.

Summer Bowl:
1/2c Soft Wheat berries (take ~1hr to cook in 3water:1wheat berries combo, so night before preparation is encouraged if you want breakfast quickly and especially if you like it chilled as I do).
1/4c Bluberries
1 Chopped peach
3 Chopped strawberries
1/4c Raw walnuts
Almond Milk

Winter calls for a warmer experience. My go-to is oatmeal seasoned with cinnamon. Add raw walnuts, some raisins, and a chopped banana to the mix and you'll no doubt enjoy every last bite. Don't forget your caffeine for antioxidants.

Winter Bowl:
1/2c Oatmeal
cinnamon to liking
1/4c Raw walnuts
1/4c raisins
1 chopped banana
(Almond milk, 1tbspn brown sugar if you like)

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