The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Monday, April 9, 2012

Tour of Battenkill

That's the link to the 2012 Tour of the Battenkill, my first race of the season.

I rode the course on Saturday. It looked as though the roads had been graded recently. Some dirt sections were smooth and about as fast as any dirt road can be, but the majority was loose and difficult. So, though smooth, a lot of the dirt roads are slow riding. It precipitated a mixture of snow and rain this morning, which hopefully helped settle the roads on the course just a bit.

Team Type 1 starts filtering into the Empire State on Wednesday night. I have a press commitment there on Thursday evening and planned to stay at home this week. I will be staying the night at the Hyatt race hotel in Malta, NY the night before the race. I can save myself a 60mi drive the morning of the race this way.

I'm now in Lenox, MA. California was a blast. I left some excellent weather and came home to the 40's and 50's, a mild climate considering the meteorological arsenal of New England.

The race:

Begins at 12pm in Cambridge, NY.
Riders navigate two 100km laps with dirt roads and many hills.
Estimated finish 5:15pm.

If you are considering coming to watch Battenkill, there will hopefully be a small cookout or gathering at my car or another local's after the race around 5:30pm. Bring some eats or share some of ours. Bring beer or share some of ours. We can catch up and enjoy eachother's company. All are welcome, even if I've never met you or pretended to disown you. Cheers.