The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What else do I do?

I'm a cyclist and I get to ride my bike all around and it's great, but I can't do it ALL the time. In fact, aside from limitations on a regimented training program, it can actually be very healthy to get away from the bike a little bit.

On my down time in afternoons or my rest days, I find it important to occupy myself with intriguing, non-boring activities.

I did the Solvang Century ride on Saturday. I was on craigslist that morning bargaining for my new recovery assistant. He calls himself "XBOX 360."

I purchased Grand Theft Auto 4 for this toy, a small investment that the IRS might agree with as a write-off. This can be viewed as a juvenile and simple-minded way for me to spend my time, but it's relaxing: I can put my feet up on the couch several feet away from the television and the wireless controller still connects to the console, amazingly. I don't play it nonstop or cut my rides short hoping to feed a new addiction. No, if I have time to play for an hour before dinner, I will and if not, the XBOX will always be on-hand for the next time. I also read. I just finished the first of the The Hunger Games series. An entertaining new trilogy for young readers. I'm still young.

Baking delicious goodness is something I share in common with many women and Ted King. Ted sent me a photo of his latest Pumpkin Bread creation in response to an image I shared with him of a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. This is my version and will serve as a mid-day snack and a healthy ride-food alternative for at least 1 day. The small loaves have chocolate chips, the large is infused with walnuts and raisins. Salivate.

On my off days when I have a bit more time, I sometimes think about making my own food to eat on rides instead of opening another Clif Bar. They're delicious and nutritious, but so are my own recipes.

Just last night, I went to dinner with Ken Hanson hosted by our local friends Lola and Randall Tinney. We had a very casual evening just after I was offered to take his own new toy for a spin in Santa Barbara's foothills! This used to be a 50cc scooter, but it was since outfitted with a 277cc motor. It's a total rocket. Really. Here's me after my ride. How cool is this?

Then we tried some wines before a pork roast and my own beet salad contribution. I limited myself to no more than two glasses for the night so I could drive home after a few hours.

I'm very responsible except when I crash on my road bike showing off how swiftly I can take a parking lot corner for a friend as I did on my way home from yesterday's ride. Now you know I crash training, too.

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