The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Look around

Photography can often tell a better story than words. It's universally communicable. Children respond to pictures before they have learned to read. It may limit imaginative creations, such as what characters or scenery looks like, but perhaps one can create an imaginative timeline between each photograph marking just a single experience. Though my skills are limited to the "zoom" function, here are a few shots I've taken in the last week from my bike and around town. A short explanation follows each photograph.

Mysterious parachutes on the knoll of the Mesa

View of Lake Casitas on Saturday's group ride

Vertical shot of the trail that led to here.

Panoramic view of the same

This trail didn't continue up to the top of Gibraltar.

Homemade Spring Roll Dinner Spread

One marketing technique

Weird plant in a restaurant bathroom

Aaron Olson and Kim Anderson's Handlebar Cafe creation

Picnic table backdrop

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