The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Small Steps

This year I started a bit later and I'm planning on small steps to the heights of great fitness again.

I was in VT between team training camp and my recent trip to Santa Barbara, CA where I will take the next step in putting in the miles for the season.

Vermont is a wonderful place. This year the weather can't quite decide between a proper winter and springtime. If temperatures held steady over 20, I was able to ride outside on dry days; otherwise I had secret rendez-vous with the rollers down in the basement. Check out the cage in which I trapped myself. This is the basement - a storage unit - of my home in Essex Junction.

So I went from that... to THIS... in an afternoon.

Every time I touchdown in SB I realize why I come here for training. It's so easy to focus when you don't need to motivate to put on your riding clothes. The different roads and gorgeous scenery make it hard for me to get off the bike! Tomorrow I will have arrived 1 week ago. It rained once. The rest of the days have been just as beautiful as my first. Over the next two weeks, I'll continue to finish off my base preparation for the season and then advance to a more focused training regimen. My race schedule will be posted soon. Right now I'm to drop bombs in India at the end of March.

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