The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 Spring Program

My Spring racing program is released. It's all on the Calendar below including details on my location. For the local followers, I'm happy to be returning to the Tour of the Battenkill on April 15. It's a great 200km race starting in Cambridge, NY, a close venue from Massachusetts and one of the places I raced as a Junior. I encourage you to come and watch, there's usually a fair bit of entertainment in town between viewing us bike racers.

My first race is in Mumbai, India on March 25th, as previously mentioned. Though I'm arguably one of the two most traveled riders in the Pro Peleton (teammate Fabio Calabria and I were the only two to have raced in 5 Continental Tours in 2011), I haven't yet made it to India. The experience will be adventurous. I'm approaching it similarly to Rwanda. I don't know much about what to expect, so I'm preparing for less than ideal conditions. I'm sure the landscape will be beautiful and I'll learn some good culture. Three single-day events await Team Type 1 there. One of them is fairly hilly and close to Pakistan; maybe that'll be a good shot for me!

I'm heading out bright and early on this sunny Santa Barbara morning for a ride through the coastal hills while my motivation is up, now that I've got some dates to narrow my focus. Off we go!

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