The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Raw-ness of the Ride

In order to bring some readers closer to the sport and my experience as a growing rider, I want to try a few things. I want comments on this, also. I will include a few race-related shots if I can once in a while that show the behind-the-scenes activities of racers (in this case, me and a lucky, occasionally willing roommate). I'll include a shot of me shaving my legs this morning before race departure. Maybe I can get breakfast tomorrow for you. Today I had a cut up peach and banana with granola, walnuts and chopped almonds. 2 cups of coffee (yippee) and maybe a snack here and there of a few other things, but that was the meat of it. Before the race, I'll eat a delicious bacon, egg, cheese, chopped tomato combination sandwiched between a cinnamon raisin bagel buttered and jellied with some fig jam I spotted on the Liquigas-Cannondale table, courtesy of Ted King (found on Twitter @iamtedking). Food is our fuel and nutrition has been a growing interest in endurance sports over the last few years. Maybe a week or so of including my pre-race or training diets would help give perspective for others and help me realize some improvements I can make myself! Alora.

Time Trial Recap:
I was going about that hard and I finished 92nd... How's that for a summary?? A flat time trial on an F1 race course. It was hot and dry. My start time was 2 minutes before 6pm. One of the latest TT's I've ever done! Another day under the belt.

Our interest lies in keeping Rubens' KOM jersey and in winning a stage. We have 2 more to go. There are no KOM points awarded today (Stage 4), so the stage win will be a focus. You can follow on I believe.

Please participate in the poll above. I've kept it active until I return to the East Coast after the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado.


  1. You got beat by Jake Keough...c'mon buddy.

  2. Awwwwwww Snap! You instigator... Thanks for enlivening the comment board, Ryan. Jake has indeed been riding very well, lately. Good luck at Tokeneke tomorrow! I hear a bunch of Protour riders dropped out of Utah to try for the New England Regional Championship Road Race in Connecticut.