The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tour of Qinghai Lake

Yes! I'm leaving today. I'm on my flight to Beijing right now. See all the people boarding? This is China, people. I'm not headed to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand or any other great cities. Sure, I fly to Beijing, but I'm going to the boondocks. I'm going out where people defile the streets with excrement and families work in fields, sunrise to sunset, to feed their children. Foot massages mean "more-than-that" massages. I went to this high-elevation competition two weeks less than 1 year ago. I suffered, coming from Vermont and racing at 7-13,000ft, sure I did, but that's how you make a man out of a child! Hairs on the chest, please. Teammate Martijn exclaimed before Stage 5 of Tour de Beauce at my healthy patch of chest hair "Woah, Dugan, you have hairy chest, man!" Indeed, I do, and don't you forget it, Marty, I ain't a sissy that shaves! I embrace my gifts. It's the simple things that bring us joy in life. Is your life monotonous? Do something fun like grow your chest hair. Try as hard as you can to grow it out. Push. Squeeze, Grunt, Lift, Flex. It's all scientifically proven.
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