The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tour of Qinghai Lake

Yes! I'm leaving today. I'm on my flight to Beijing right now. See all the people boarding? This is China, people. I'm not headed to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand or any other great cities. Sure, I fly to Beijing, but I'm going to the boondocks. I'm going out where people defile the streets with excrement and families work in fields, sunrise to sunset, to feed their children. Foot massages mean "more-than-that" massages. I went to this high-elevation competition two weeks less than 1 year ago. I suffered, coming from Vermont and racing at 7-13,000ft, sure I did, but that's how you make a man out of a child! Hairs on the chest, please. Teammate Martijn exclaimed before Stage 5 of Tour de Beauce at my healthy patch of chest hair "Woah, Dugan, you have hairy chest, man!" Indeed, I do, and don't you forget it, Marty, I ain't a sissy that shaves! I embrace my gifts. It's the simple things that bring us joy in life. Is your life monotonous? Do something fun like grow your chest hair. Try as hard as you can to grow it out. Push. Squeeze, Grunt, Lift, Flex. It's all scientifically proven.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beauce Stage 2 Victory

This is Mr. FAB. we are roommates everywhere we go together. After a killer lead-out by non other than #1 himself, I helped the boys get in decent position for the sprint. We went 1st, 5th and 6th. Martijn Verschoor was el campione. FAB ran 4th and Alexei Schmidt had a 6th place finish. It was a great final 3 km for TT1, and our first stage win of the year.

Today, a mountain top finish await us on Mont Megantic (only the Canadians would really get pumped on a name for a large mountain that combines "mega" and "gigantic," thinking, "yes, this is really the best name for this, here, mountain. It truly elicits the awe and grandeur that you feel when you stand before this magnificent earthly growth."

Off to the start. My job is to make ben king go as fast as he can up the mountain so he doesn't lose too much time. That way, he will crush the TT and get in the top 5 on GC. Sonic Boom.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beauce Stage 1

We started off going really fast and then 22 riders got away and though Team Type 1 and United Health Care each only had 1 rider to represent, we couldn't bring it back. Then we went really slow. And so, the race happened. I heard the break finished with about 20 min on the field. Wild stuff, we're talking, here.

Luckily, Ben King for Team Type 1 can time trial better than the Big Willy Style album sounds (I know, hard to believe), so having him place 6th for the day gives us confidence in a GC result from him. He rode like a machine for me in Korea, and I'm pumped to help him get on the podium overall.
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tour de Beauce

There are two reasons to go to Canada: to go to a bike race or go buckwild. If you don't know what going buckwild is like, all you have to do is drive to Canada without the intention of going to a bike race, and you will most likely find yourself doing just that.

Last weekend there was the F1 race in Montreal. I guess that's a third reason to go to Canada, but I'm pretty sure you'd go buckwild if you were there, so it still doesn't fall into it's own priority category.

Beauce June 14-19, 2011

The season seems to be moving along quickly. It's hard to believe I did my first race in January this year. Previously, I started March 1st or at the end of February.

Tour de Beauce begins tomorrow. I drove up the "Jetta" after getting it all fixed up for top performance with new brakes, struts and all-season tires. I jammed up to Canada this afternoon with lots of loud techno and didn't see a single officer. Which was good, because they might have seen how good my new tires look and decided to pull me over.

After some great training at Tim and Lyne's new Topsfield location, I hope I'm good and prepared for the 6 day event in Quebec. I raced here last year as a support rider with Team Type 1 and had a solid race, despite touching down 3 separate times.

This is my first time with the team since Tour of California last month, and it's great to see some familiar faces. I'm rooming with Fabio, my usual mate when we race together. I'll get a candid photo of him at 6am when he least expects it to post tomorrow. Stay tuned and wish us luck. I hear if TT1 gets enough UCI points we can go Protour...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My off-weeks

I walked up and down my street a whole lot. Here are two drag queens that couldn't resist me while Marshalling at the Burlington Marathon. I spent some quality time and money setting up my new studio apartment here on the Marketplace to make it comfortable for #1. The brick walkway is entertaining enough for people-watching, anyway, and this cat seems to enjoy doing the same. A regular on the marketplace, himself, this Tabby sits atop the handlebars of his bike and passes the day lazily, free of worry.

I travel to Quebec tomorrow for my 2nd Tour de Beauce. I'll be making the drive up and racing from the 14-19th. So, today will be my final weekend in Burlington for about a week. I'm looking forward to a fun group ride or two between today and tomorrow AM. I'll be online throughout Tour de Beauce. Follow along! This is my first team race since my tumble on Stage 3 of Tour of California. Hope you all are well and have room to make this a routine stop online during your morning coffee sipping. Cheers.
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