The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PreTOC Day 2

After a 4 hr training ride on narrow, twisty roads with picturesque climbs and descents, we headed to one of the locals' favorite stops for dinner. It was a delicious Bistro restaurant, but the catch was that it was attached to a Mercedes dealership. So, as we were waiting for our appetizers, we perused the inventory, an entertaining distraction- the Italians didn't understand where the diesel models were...

The bathrooms there had 2 televisions above the two urinals. And, in addition, one situated behind the mirror above the sink. In the pictures shown, you will notice that it is not a reflection of a monitor on the wall, but one sitting right within the mirror. My only questions were: who urinates for more than 1 minute, maximum? And, how long will you be washing your hands. There were no televisions in the stalls, sadly. Hogwash!

The chef actually worked for Team BMC in the past and brought us elegant platters of salmon, steak and chicken. Asparagus, roasted potatoes with peppers and a variety of salads. Don't forget there was plenty of vino and bread with olio to go around. We ate like champions until dessert came. Then we ate like kings. Homemade donut holes after mango sorbet, then chocolate souffle came and so did creme brulees and all sorts of dips and sauces with homemade whipped cream. Delish! I wouldn't want you to be jealous of me with all of this biking business but, damn, that meal was one to remember!
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