The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Monday, May 9, 2011

László Bodrogi

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We call him "The Terminator." This is my Hungarian teammate, Laszlo. He now resides in Ney, France with citizenship there. You can read all about his accomplishments on his wikipedia page.

I left Burlington last night and flew into Sacramento via Philadelphia. Since Laszlo is on European time, he wanted to stay up mighty late and turn on all the lights and talk on the phone to his Mrs. Asleep, I fell, content with my earplugs. When it was time to wake, however, I was quickly reminded of European culture I've been missing: I was bending down to put on some socks when he tossed aside his sheets and headed toward the bathroom, crossing the carpet before me. A full frontal! The full monty. I looked up and the dark, shadowy room with curtains drawn at 8am still allowed enough light through for me to be shockingly blinded by the sight before me. Well, it's normal, no? Of course. European culture beckons comfort with one's body. To hell with self-conscious tendencies and being judgemental! Relax! Right? Well, maybe about some things. The Euros can be really intense, at least in Belgium and Holland, but go south to Spain and douse yourself in wine and cheese until 2am in a sea of delight.

We will do some riding in the next 5 days and enjoy some media presentations and welcome dinners before the start of the Amgen Tour of California on the 15th.

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