The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Korea Finished, on to California

After a great success at the Tour de Korea (3rd on GC), I am back in New England rediscovering my adoration for inconsistent weather and having a chance to reconnect with old friends and competitors.

Last weekend, I raced the Tour of the Dragons in Bennington, Vt (a fitting name for a stage race, no?). I had a great time hanging out with the CCB crowd who helped raise me. 2nd in the Criterium and 1st in the Road Race were a couple of decent local results, not to mention that I was able to secure the King of the Mountains Jersey (KOM) with a bazillion red dragons all over it serving as polka-dot substitutes (it was the best looking jersey to win over the weekend).

And so, my form is coming along. I'm still recovering a little from Korea and have now changed the course of my plans to build for the Tour of California, where I will be riding as a support rider for teammates Efimkin, Bodrogi, Bertogliati, a few GC contenders. This will be my first Tour of California, and I'm very excited to have been selected to compete there.

Jim Camut, Editor and Founder of has just posted my second column contribution to his website. And, before I post it here, I'd like it if you checked it out at that location! It's a great spot to see a few experienced riders, other than myself (I'm still kind of new) giving advice and sharing bicycling-related experiences with the likes of you!


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