The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crash Stage 3

I went down as some of you may know. There was a short article on VeloNews:

Not to worry. I plan to start stage 4 tomorrow at 11:45.
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  1. Hi will
    Saw the crash on TV. Hope you're doing well it looked bad!
    I know we had many unfriendly words at Tour Abitibi (Taem C2C)but I still thought you were a good athlete. Glad to see you made it to a good team. Keep up the good work
    Coach Thom

  2. Greetings from Arizona,
    Glad to hear you are all right. My husband and I saw the crash on Versus and didn't know it was you until today. We're watching your progress. Wishing you the best of luck going forward!
    The Tucker Family
    - your New Year's Day ride to Tucson

  3. Dear Tuckers, You help the world go 'round. Thanks for the pick-up and drop off in Tucson. I've passed that story on to many friends. I wish you the best, and many thanks for following me.

  4. Dear Coach Thom and the Tuckers, It is heartwarming to find these good wishes to Will here. Many thanks for these positive thoughts and, even as I, too, watched the crash, knowing it was Will but praying to God that it might not be, and praying harder still that who ever it was would get up from the apparent motionless state once hitting the ground (finally), learned about 3 hrs later when Will (thank God) answered his telephone; and blessed to have risen to ride again! Thank you everyone for your good thoughts! Now, it is back to chasing the Dragon! (Will's mother)