The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

California Stage 4 DNS

I didn't start this morning. The call was made by a collaboration of team doctors and directors, and it was the smartest decision. I was ready to hop on and fight for the team another day, but the difficulty with a bump to the head is that nobody really knows the extent of the injury. There is no visible symptom one can use to diagnose accurately. I need some time to recover, yes, but I feel ok. wrote something on me. Here's the link, if it will work:

I have to say that though this article does capture the necessity of my withdrawal from the race, almost everybody was interviewed except me! It would've been nice to have gotten a few words on that page. I hope next time it will be considered. But, since you are reading this because you are interested in not just the what, but the details of the why and how, I invite you to continue reading!

After some posts on facebook, I caught a glimpse of the video of my crash a few hours ago. I don't have much road rash. My right cheek (not the one I shave) has an awesome bruise and I have a scrape here and there, but my head and back did take the brunt of the impact as the video shows. Luck was with me: nobody hit me once I was down. What's more, our team is also outfitted with Doctors knowledgeable enough to limit me sensibly and for that I am thankful. I was really ready to start this morning.

I'm currently catching a flight back to Burlington, VT, my most recent home. It's as difficult to hang around a race in which you cannot participate as it is to stop competing. As I've mentioned before, every rider in that peleton wants to race for at least one of several reasons involving themselves or their teammates.

The team could have used my help today and would do better with me there as the race goes on, but accidents do happen. It is hard not to be disappointed. The circumstances of yesterday's crash prevent me from continuing, and I want to help these guys win. I really do. My role was generally to act as a supporting rider for Alexander Efimkin, recent winner of the Tour of Turkey 2 weeks ago, while I was finishing in South Korea. Still, we have decent chances at road race stage wins with all of the riders. Time trial specialists Laszlo Bodrogi and Rubens Bertagliati both have a great shot on Stage 6. Watch these guys. They are very experienced and they speak 5 different languages, each. It's a great group to be with.

My next race will be the USPRO National Road Race Championships in Greenville, SC on May 30th. Tour de Beauce will follow that from June 14-19 in Quebec, Canada.

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