The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Monday, May 30, 2011


He's in the break and I want you all to know that while I'm resting my helmet head, I'm cheering for the new england star who deserves nothing less than stars and bars everywhere.
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Friday, May 27, 2011


I've had a little time away from the hype of California and the accident that gave me and many others a bit of a scare. I'm doing well and recovering mind and body in no better place than Burlington, VT among some close friends from my days in Uni. I took an apartment up here for the duration of the summer months and will use this place as my training locus for the next set of upcoming races.

I will not be attending the USPRO National Road Championships this weekend but instead, use this time to refocus on the next half of the season's goals. Tour de Beauce in Quebec will be from June 14-19, and immediately following that I will be one of the lucky riders from TT1 going back to China for Tour of Qinghai Lake July 1-10.

Here are some classic Burlington VT photos. Today doesn't look as nice as these shots do, but sometimes it just has to rain, and I'm going to embrace the hell out of it!
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

California Stage 4 DNS

I didn't start this morning. The call was made by a collaboration of team doctors and directors, and it was the smartest decision. I was ready to hop on and fight for the team another day, but the difficulty with a bump to the head is that nobody really knows the extent of the injury. There is no visible symptom one can use to diagnose accurately. I need some time to recover, yes, but I feel ok. wrote something on me. Here's the link, if it will work:

I have to say that though this article does capture the necessity of my withdrawal from the race, almost everybody was interviewed except me! It would've been nice to have gotten a few words on that page. I hope next time it will be considered. But, since you are reading this because you are interested in not just the what, but the details of the why and how, I invite you to continue reading!

After some posts on facebook, I caught a glimpse of the video of my crash a few hours ago. I don't have much road rash. My right cheek (not the one I shave) has an awesome bruise and I have a scrape here and there, but my head and back did take the brunt of the impact as the video shows. Luck was with me: nobody hit me once I was down. What's more, our team is also outfitted with Doctors knowledgeable enough to limit me sensibly and for that I am thankful. I was really ready to start this morning.

I'm currently catching a flight back to Burlington, VT, my most recent home. It's as difficult to hang around a race in which you cannot participate as it is to stop competing. As I've mentioned before, every rider in that peleton wants to race for at least one of several reasons involving themselves or their teammates.

The team could have used my help today and would do better with me there as the race goes on, but accidents do happen. It is hard not to be disappointed. The circumstances of yesterday's crash prevent me from continuing, and I want to help these guys win. I really do. My role was generally to act as a supporting rider for Alexander Efimkin, recent winner of the Tour of Turkey 2 weeks ago, while I was finishing in South Korea. Still, we have decent chances at road race stage wins with all of the riders. Time trial specialists Laszlo Bodrogi and Rubens Bertagliati both have a great shot on Stage 6. Watch these guys. They are very experienced and they speak 5 different languages, each. It's a great group to be with.

My next race will be the USPRO National Road Race Championships in Greenville, SC on May 30th. Tour de Beauce will follow that from June 14-19 in Quebec, Canada.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crash Stage 3

I went down as some of you may know. There was a short article on VeloNews:

Not to worry. I plan to start stage 4 tomorrow at 11:45.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Stage 2 shortened

We're transferring this morning for a 12:30 start somewhere lower with better weather. The race will be a hells-fast 100km instead of a fast 215km. We just killed breakfast and smashed some coffees. We stayed in ski condos last night. The team split in two, so four to a condo. Felt like I was a downhiller again on a ski weekend, only I had no skis to tune at 5am. Javi and I are roommates still and I'm working on my espanol espanol, if you know what I mean. Gotta practice my lisp. Entiendas? Before bed my sugar was 85mg/do, morning 88, now on the way from breakfast I am 107.
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Snowy stage 1

Photos from the car
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Post Stage 1

The blogger app on my phone is a bit touch and go right now, so I appreciate your patience. I am having trouble updating photos and especially videos. We are currently in the team bus driving to the hotel in Northstar, CA, just on the north side of Lake T. I refuse to type the word to which T belongs anymore. I feel like a NY yuppie just saying it. SO, It's slightly less than a blizzard out there, and though the peleton got kitted and lined up on the start line, the consensus was made that it was far too dangerous to ride even a third of the stage today. The roads are icy and the visibility is low. It sure would make for an epic training day, and reminds me of the riding I would do while I was at UVM. I've ridden through worse, but racing in it is a different story. If I can edit this and add photos, I will do so, ASAP.

On another note, one of my posts that was rejected because of the videos attached to it included the research that which Dr. Frias had asked TT1 to participate. 5 riders including me have attached glucose sensors to our bodies. They insert subcutaneously into interstitial tissue. Some have them on their stomachs and I have mine on my lower back, right next to that tattoo of a butterfly and two chinese characters symbolizing regret and immaturity that I got on my 18th birthday. I wrestled with the sensor all day yesterday and had to install 2 new ones to get comfortable. The sensor transmits Wirelessly to a monitor about the size of a flip-phone. I will carry it in my pocket and keep it within 5 feet of my body at all times through the week. The research will focus on the differences in blood sugar levels between riders with and without diabetes throughout the week of racing at a world class level. As a non-diabetic my levels are relatively stable, thanks to a healthy pancreaspancreas, but I still see variability occasionally. The research also has an added element and will record data riders' performance using SRM powermeters (the participants got them installed yesterday, wohoo), and it will be used to see if there is a correlation between blood glucose levels at all levels and performance measured in wattage output. Later, Dr. Frias hopes to send the participants to San Diego for a physiological screening including VOmax testing and a common ramp test which shows, among other things,at what power levels an individual transitions into different levels of exertion (endurance, lactic threshold, etc...)

I will keep info and my own educated findings on how my sugar fluctuates coming in. Don't hesitate to ask any questions, please!

Morning Stage 1

It looks like hell frozen over on S. Lake Tahoe. We doubt the race will start with snow accumulation of a few inches and a high of 35F today. They might postpone the race a few hours, but the outlook isn't great. Take to the slopes, boys! Where's James Driscoll when I need him? Photo coming after breakfast.
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Saturday, May 14, 2011


I also did a small interview with

This was my first week with this sort of attention. It's been exciting being able to stay in touch with the rest of the world from the race, which starts tomorrow. Breakfast now!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

I was on TV yesterday afternoon

Follow this link!
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PreCali Day 3

Yesterday TT1 had a busy day. First, a training ride with 2 beautiful climbs, then interviews with KARA Channel 3 Sacramento News (me, Aldo and Javi), followed by a transfer to Lake Tahoe's race hotel. One video I took was on a climb (sorry if it needs to be rotated). I had to cut it short because I couldn't attack them hard enough riding with only 1 hand. Wink.

More special news to come this afternoon. Please stay tuned.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PreTOC Day 2

After a 4 hr training ride on narrow, twisty roads with picturesque climbs and descents, we headed to one of the locals' favorite stops for dinner. It was a delicious Bistro restaurant, but the catch was that it was attached to a Mercedes dealership. So, as we were waiting for our appetizers, we perused the inventory, an entertaining distraction- the Italians didn't understand where the diesel models were...

The bathrooms there had 2 televisions above the two urinals. And, in addition, one situated behind the mirror above the sink. In the pictures shown, you will notice that it is not a reflection of a monitor on the wall, but one sitting right within the mirror. My only questions were: who urinates for more than 1 minute, maximum? And, how long will you be washing your hands. There were no televisions in the stalls, sadly. Hogwash!

The chef actually worked for Team BMC in the past and brought us elegant platters of salmon, steak and chicken. Asparagus, roasted potatoes with peppers and a variety of salads. Don't forget there was plenty of vino and bread with olio to go around. We ate like champions until dessert came. Then we ate like kings. Homemade donut holes after mango sorbet, then chocolate souffle came and so did creme brulees and all sorts of dips and sauces with homemade whipped cream. Delish! I wouldn't want you to be jealous of me with all of this biking business but, damn, that meal was one to remember!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pre-California Training in Loomis, CA

A lot happened on Day 1. We got to our spectacular new digs where we will be for 3 more days. There are chickens with hairy legs (must be non-cyclists, rec riders or at least recumbent enthusiasts), lots of team equipment, comfortable beds, bmws with team logos in the parking lot, etc... Rubens, our swiss time trial national champion celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday by buying the team frozen yogurt for a mid-ride snack. Then, the restaurant for dinner presented him with a martini glass full of chocolate mousse, a secret many time-trialists will load with before a big race. I have to keep it short. Today we're heading out for roughly 4hrs, then lunch around 3 with some long awaited massages after the long trip here.
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Monday, May 9, 2011

The road to our pre-california digs

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László Bodrogi

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We call him "The Terminator." This is my Hungarian teammate, Laszlo. He now resides in Ney, France with citizenship there. You can read all about his accomplishments on his wikipedia page.

I left Burlington last night and flew into Sacramento via Philadelphia. Since Laszlo is on European time, he wanted to stay up mighty late and turn on all the lights and talk on the phone to his Mrs. Asleep, I fell, content with my earplugs. When it was time to wake, however, I was quickly reminded of European culture I've been missing: I was bending down to put on some socks when he tossed aside his sheets and headed toward the bathroom, crossing the carpet before me. A full frontal! The full monty. I looked up and the dark, shadowy room with curtains drawn at 8am still allowed enough light through for me to be shockingly blinded by the sight before me. Well, it's normal, no? Of course. European culture beckons comfort with one's body. To hell with self-conscious tendencies and being judgemental! Relax! Right? Well, maybe about some things. The Euros can be really intense, at least in Belgium and Holland, but go south to Spain and douse yourself in wine and cheese until 2am in a sea of delight.

We will do some riding in the next 5 days and enjoy some media presentations and welcome dinners before the start of the Amgen Tour of California on the 15th.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Korea Finished, on to California

After a great success at the Tour de Korea (3rd on GC), I am back in New England rediscovering my adoration for inconsistent weather and having a chance to reconnect with old friends and competitors.

Last weekend, I raced the Tour of the Dragons in Bennington, Vt (a fitting name for a stage race, no?). I had a great time hanging out with the CCB crowd who helped raise me. 2nd in the Criterium and 1st in the Road Race were a couple of decent local results, not to mention that I was able to secure the King of the Mountains Jersey (KOM) with a bazillion red dragons all over it serving as polka-dot substitutes (it was the best looking jersey to win over the weekend).

And so, my form is coming along. I'm still recovering a little from Korea and have now changed the course of my plans to build for the Tour of California, where I will be riding as a support rider for teammates Efimkin, Bodrogi, Bertogliati, a few GC contenders. This will be my first Tour of California, and I'm very excited to have been selected to compete there.

Jim Camut, Editor and Founder of has just posted my second column contribution to his website. And, before I post it here, I'd like it if you checked it out at that location! It's a great spot to see a few experienced riders, other than myself (I'm still kind of new) giving advice and sharing bicycling-related experiences with the likes of you!