The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tour de Korea

Hello all, I have been traveling and inconsistently getting internet. My apologies to loyal followers.

Stage 6 is over. I gave it what I had and that is that. Tomorrow we have a rest day before the final three stages of the Tour. So far, I got into a breakaway earning 2nd on Stage 1 that finished a minute over the chasing peleton. On Stage 3, I lost a few seconds to the teammate of the first placed rider on GC, setting me back to 3rd overall by 4 seconds. Since then, though the race has been grueling as we (Team Type 1) have faced an onslought of relentless attacks from the Tabriz Petrochemical Team on each stage. Joe Eldridge worked hard for the team and missed the time cut on Stage 2, forcing him to abandon the race. With our 5 remaining riders, we have earned several podium finishes and have been able to maintain my 3rd overall in the general classification. This is a great result so far, but there are 3 stages remaing [Stages 7 (193km), 8 (150km), and 9 (50km)]. I also crashed near the end of Stage 5 and am recovering as best I can. A little road rash only feeds the fire.

Today's race update for Stage 6 is as follows:

i tried my best but nobody would work together over the climb. we had about 10 guys, no yellow jersey or 2nd place. tabriz had 1 rider (mizbahni, a phenomenal climber, just covering the move). he would get in the rotation and screw up our break after the descent. there was no hope of staying away without organizaton and the yellow jersey and 2nd on gc eventually caught our group, turning the move from 10 into the peleton of about 50-60 i think. it was a bunch sprint at the end, but i gave it what i had. i am a bit sore from the crash. there's a rest day tomorrow. the day after is 192km and it's supposed to rain and be pretty cold.

either way, it's a great day because i should still be 3rd on GC.

so, with that, i am confident that i can maintain and maybe seize another opportunity in the final three stages to move up.

Chase The Dragon.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Alex Cox Visits SB and Me

This weekend, Alex (UVM roommate, CCB teammate) is here to visit and scope the paradisaical Central Coast. Today, we ride and see sights. Tomorrow we race (and meet Jesse Chebot, another UVMer, still in crime).
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