The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Race Finished

Driving home in the van: The race was aggressive. Chaotic doesn't really begin to describe the style. Racing here basically has the intensity of a cross race but for about 5hrs instead of 1. Damn. There were hills and I stayed up front for the first hour, even finding myself "winning" off the front for a short period. We blazed through town centers and small villages on cobbles and bike path-sized roads. There were something like 220 starters. Totally wild. We lucked out with warm weather. It was about 50F all day. After an hour, I whipped out a Mars bar and enjoying it by sliding to the back was my big mistake of the day. But, boy the caramel stuck between my teeth and gums gave me something to focus on besides ny legs for a few minutes.

I somehow caught back on after being off the back of the peleton in a groups of 20 for maybe 50-60km. A strong crosswind did this. Damn those. As the break was chased, I refueled and slammed my perineum and balls, too on an unexpected bump. It was simply a reaction to groan, "Uhhh! My balls!" Even at 50k/hr I heard a spectator burst out laughing. Even robotic athletes are fucking hilarious, sometimes.

Then I did what I could for the Martijn Verschoor in the last two circuits knowing I was not at my best after the last week's preparation. But, I still went for it and ended up somewhere in the top third or something.

Overall, it was a good race and I exceeded my expectations and learned things. I even jumpstarted my recovery with a cold one from spectators, who were baffled that a rider would want beer so badly. That's right, children, there's a man in the house. Hey, and how the heck do these people have postcards and photos of me of last year, my name and all, that I have never seen?! They have me in their books with my own special signature box outlined next to ones for my teammates. Maybe when I come back for the Green Mountain Stage Race I will be swarmed by a dozen sworn supporters all with "Chase The Dragon" apparel.

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  1. way to go, a beer guzzling dragon who 'da though? joeyb

  2. Love this tale! What a gas about the autograph-able post cards....hope you can show them to me sometime...yeah, like really, when will I see you again? Sounds like you had a lot of fun despite the bumpy ride...congratulations on getting back up toward the front... xoxoxoxo your mother...