The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Friday, March 18, 2011

Handzame Finished

I crashed on cobbles 60-70km into the race and it was cold and miserable with rain and I'm psyched that it's over. Oh, then I gave a wheel to my teammate Fabio with about 36km to go and I got led off course with 11km to go so I just turned around and headed to the finish. I wasn't having that much fun, but I certainly wasn't a quitter. I still logged the 200km. Anyway, consider me last finisher!

I am planning on doing E3 Prijs next Saturday. It might be on Versus, but I'm not sure. It's a big one over here, though. Training for 8 days until then.
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  1. Quel domage... du jour. Also, just saw yesterday's greul...gees.. Ouch to all of it! Will try and see you on Versus. Fait tu meme heureuse, si c'est possible. A votre success demain! (And time for some french lessons pour moi!) A bientot, mon cher.