The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Friday, February 25, 2011

Queen Stage 6

It was the stage everyone saw to be the hardest.

I am the most frustrated rider in the peleton today.

The group was 15 maximum by the final climb. I was there and Darren Lill attacked at 5k to go just when I was slightly uncomfortable. I hesitated. Another went slowly, and then the young rider's jersey took off, and I went with it. 3k to go.

He spent himself too soon and it was then up to me. I clawed my way up the climb. I dug freaking deep and punished myself with everything I had. I looked back a few times and knew it would be close. I had 10 seconds consistently but it was just too little. At 1k to go I was all cards in and at 200m to go, the first of them came around me! Hell. I'll tell you what: I needed to try to at least maintain my GC spot and sprinting after you've been going balls to the wall for 10 minutes is a brutality.

The team worked so well today, I wanted to finish the race with a reward to prove how well we did today. The team did their job for me and it was then mine to do for them and I tried and almost succeeded. I could practically feel the podium under my feet. The fact that I was able to do it, though, was great. I simply have to remember that my fitness is there and that the result will come as I learn and when the next opportunity arises. It's early in the season and all of that, too, but it was such a great opportunity. What it really feels like, is when you go to high five a buddy and you hit nothing but air because he sneaks it away at the last moment and goes "too slow." Frustration and irritation. You want to slap him, and most of all you want to get a re-do.

All in all, it's been a great race so far. Scott and I finished Stage 4 in the final group and because his legs weren't "sprinting" legs, I was down to go for the finale. He sold out for me then, too. I got boxed in for that stage and kind of blew it, but the idea is that we're out here mixing it up with some great racers early in the season and going for it. The reality is that in a short time, things will probably start coming together with some perseverance.

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  1. keep it up man, you're riding with the big boys and you're not just sitting in, are you.