The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Friday, January 7, 2011


Que veut dire speed, en francais? Vitesse.

In english, that way "how do you say speed, in french?"

Well, you'd start with: achocolate lab that will moisten you from head to toe, fold up your rugs with skid-stops and make you just a little nauseous because her mouth stinks of the crayfish she wolfed down at the Beverl
y, MA waterfront earlier that day.

Vitesse is a lot more than that, though. She represents an epoch for Tim and Lyne.


Soon, he'll be heading to Europe with James and Jeremy for some good old European racing - 2 World Cup weekends and finally, the World Championships.

People forget about life at home, and what that ca
n do to lives on the road. We gossip about what people are doing, about their achievements, or what whistled at the bartender at 3AM, or what @Johnswah posted 9hrs ago about Vitesse. Our Johnson - Bessette household mascot is ill with lymphoma, what could be Vitesse's final call. With this news, it brings attention to the cheer that Vitesse has brought to many at races Nationwide. Her insatiable desire to cover you with kisses will be missed, yes! But, she ain't dead! The diagnosis isn't good, but this post is about more than grieving. Remember what Vitesse brought to us all and especially Tim and Lyne.

Remember that our lives are full of complications. The world is not concentric around our own thoughts and actions! The sun does not orbit the earth! We are all individuals caught in, often times, an overbearing cyclone of events that leave us feeling out of control. Yes, this news is tragic and devastating, but let's celebrate the gifts of life, the gifts that Vitesse has given to us. Don't let us get sucked into a depression, but engage in positive mentality that gives us all strength. Let's celebrate that you made it to work today without getting killed. I'm grateful to have overcome so much to be left with the chance to race at an international level this year. Tim is going to World Championships, and he could realistically make the podium! Lyne's all over the map herself!

Getting a flat tire on the way to a job interview is never ideal, but it always seems like it goes that way, doesn't it? Failure happens more than success, but we have goals for a reason. It's important not to forget those even when seemingly in the face of calamity.

Everyone leads his own life and bears his own personal weights. We don't publicize everything in our private lives - please. But, let Vitesse be, once again, a representation, but this time, for what people can achieve with the background drama of their lives that we don't hear about. She will be our consideration, our awe, our understanding and then our wisdom. Celebrate the fruits of your earnings and those of your friends through everything they've faced. Be thankful for the charity of those around you. And thanks to Vitesse for reminding us of these fundamental routes to better helping us understand our lives.

And so we look forward. Good luck in Europe, dudes:

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  1. Inspiring thoughts; no, great thoughts ... God bless all the animals and may their spirits rise!