The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Monday, January 10, 2011

Santa Barbara

I got here on precisely the same day I did last year, Jan. 5th. Driving from Tucson until 2AM, Scott and I stayed a night in a Pasadena Holiday Inn Express, and finished the drive the next morning. Before he drove north to Morgan Hill to meet with Specialized to review their 2011 Demo Fleet plans, I gave Scott a tour of Santa Barbara (he'd never been here before). I felt it was my responsibility to show him what he was missing...
Above is a view from Gibraltar, a climb right behind Santa Barbara's coastline. Below, is one of my favorite homes in SB that I was able to find online - oh! and it's for sale. Only $9,300,000.

This French Villa has 4BR and 6 full BA, a 3 car garage on the south corner, a pool, courtyard, etc, etc... It also happens to have an unbelievable view.

Moving on, you might like to see a few bicycling-related things. Please pay a visit to There, you can see me like this:

There are five problems with this photo. Because you are loyal followers, I will hit you with the knowledge. 1) Je m'appelle William Dugan. 2) I am wearing Olaf Kerkhof's Shimano shoes. 3) I am holding a bike that looks like Aldo's. 4) I wasn't supposed to wear a cycling cap, but I wanted my hair out of the photo, so I just...did. 5) It was taken at 37F and I'm shivering uncontrollably.

On the website, you will also find that I am 22 years old. Maybe I shouldn't let it be known, but I'll be 24 in just a few days. 22 was a nice buffer from 25, but I'm creeping up on it slowly. Maybe I should buy a motorcycle soon and rip across America, while I'm still a young, carefree adventurous free spirit. Freebird.

To keep you informed, there is a problem with this blog's Html and I'm not savvy enough to know the solution. Maybe someone could volunteer and I'll grant you access to this beast to help me out.

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  1. Happy the photo and anecdotes; when can we move to this lovely little place? So pretty. I will have to make the visit! Amazing, you!