The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Morning 2011

I haven't yet spoken today. I haven't had to. My buttermilk pancakes, bacon, fruit and nuts were all words enough this morning.

It's 29F in Tucson, AZ and these are the final days of my preseason operation, part 1. My final preparation for this fine 2011 cyclocosm will be in familiar Santa Barbara territory; a climatic paradise I discovered 1 year and 3 days ago with the help of close friends Tim and Lyne as well as teammates Ken Hanson and Shawn Milne. You might say: Santa Barbara is one of the most expensive locations you could choose. Why? As I mentioned, it's beautiful here, but my theory is to use last year's preseason location to mature as a rider by training by comparison in a healthy atmosphere and on familiar roads.

My off season was a refreshing experience. For many, I disappeared for over a month. I was enjoying a period of relaxation from the bike that I have never really had. Cyclocross has always had a place on each of my race calendars, but as 2011 beckoned a larger volume and focused mindset, I had to make efforts to be properly prepared.

I was stationed in Burlington and finished working part time in UVM's Psychology Department as a Lab Technician, available to help graduate students that were working under one of my former Professors. On October 12th, I broke my right arm. I was in a car that crashed into another car. I was in the death seat and broadsided in the middle of a left-hander. The car spun almost 360 degrees until it halted. Awaiting a second hit by any of the other cars in the intersection, I braced myself: it never came. Crawling out the driver's side door. I held my right arm close, just a little shocked. Some ulnar nerve damage and a distal radius fracture. Really, it wasn't so bad considering what could have happened. The only gripe I had was with the Doctors who swore nothing was wrong until 2 weeks after the accident! Then I fit comfortably into a cast, then splint, etc... I'm now almost fully recovered and well into my 2011 season's training plan.

Those updates should bring you right here to my studio cottage in Tucson. I got here on Dec. 1, went to training camp from Dec. 15-22 and met my awesomely international teammates (Anglophones are outnumbered by those fluent in Italian by a large number, so Rosetta Stone, take my money), and will be departing the area for California on the 4th of January. I do hope that the weather shapes up for my arrival. As I understand it, it's been a little rough on that coastline.

Please follow me through the season. I'm preparing for my first race in South Africa from February 19-26. The photo above is of our new, handsome kits this season (I hope you feel the same way). To a successful and safe season had by all!

Also, Happy Birthday, Dad.

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