The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Friday, April 16, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Redlands, my last appearance while I was living in California was a step above San Dimas. I had a mediocre prologue (60th), an uneventful stage 1 road race (finished in the bunch sprint in the top 25), an active and team oriented criterium (made a break that might have stuck but got caught after about 7 laps and then helped organize for the sprint finale), and a solid road race (finishing the infamous Sunset Loop in 12th). There were no results had, but finishing in the front of the front group on the final day was confidence-building. I'm still trying to wrap my hands around my muscle-twitch issues, but matters are improving.

The amateur Battenkill race last Saturday was a good bit of fun. I felt slightly marked out of the field, but I probably would've done the same if I was who I was last year racing someone in my shoes. It's only sensible. Coming up with 3rd place was a result I'm happy with: I got some delicious complementary chocolate milk from the Battenkill Farm for making the podium and was lucky enough to have Olivia, Dad, little Eddie and my other Vermont friends to enjoy the afternoon with me. Before we parted ways, Chris, Dad, Eddie and I hit a local diner for some quick grub. Then Chris drove me (with his car loaded bearing all of my Californian belongings) home and we spent the night to enjoy a solid 4 hr endurance ride touring the southern Berkshires the next day. It was a very welcoming weekend home, indeed.

Dieter Drake will present the UCI 1.2 Tour of the Battenkill this Sunday. I'm invited! Last week was a good prelude to this bigger race. I hope Team Type 1 gets to bring home the glory.

As for all of my training and moving around through my move from California (arrived on the east coast at 12:00AM on April 9th), things have been busy. Stationed comfortably at home with Mom, I'm leaving again on Thursday, April 22nd for Albuquerque, New Mexico. There I'll do the Road Runner Classic Omnium on the 24th consisting of a 10km morning prologue time trial and a 63 mile afternoon road race. That all happens at about 5,200ft above sea level. While I'm there, I hope to meet up with my Aunt Melanie who settled in Santa Fe. I don't think she's ever been to a bike race, so that will be a grand old time to catch up! Then I will travel down to Silver City for the Tour of the Gila (April 28-May 2). I currently have a one-way ticket. There's a chance I might be on the roster for Joe Martin Stage Race in Arkansas 4 days after Gila, but that remains to be seen.

I finally got a powertap. I rode with it this week. If you're dying to know my numbers I can't give any to you except that my threshold is 380w and I'm 50kilos. In actuality, I'm not 50 kilos and I haven't done any real threshold tests. But it is nice to have a good training tool to put to use when the time is right.

PS If you're looking for some other interesting blogs to peruse, check out Cycle Chic themed on following the fashion, lifestyle and trends of the European commuters and recreational cyclists.

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