The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Mexico

After Buttenkill (Vassili decided this would be the Russian-spelling of Battenkill way back in January when the first team schedule was sent to us), I took another visit to Burlington, Vermont for a few days before my New Mexico campaign.

There, I got to spend some quality hours with Olivia and took her for a 2.5+hr bike ride touring the Charlotte and Shelburne areas along the GMBC loop. I was also able to reconnect with Josh Dillon (teammate on Richard's cyclocross program) and take his recent 125cc scoot purchase for an evening spin. I told him that If I were he and he was me, at 100mpg, it could be smart to rig a fork-mount thule bike rack to the back of the scoot (vertically) and use it as economical travel to races around New England. As an amateur racer, living off race winnings and a part-time job is no simple task. I remember (and often still) conjure what seem to be profitable and economical ideas that never come to fruition because they lack in practicality, or, upon a further examination, realistic benefit. Dissect the idea above and one realizes that a scooter only has 1 gas tank (but surely, I could fill up every 75 miles or so...), and that it may be uncomfortable on longer trips and that there is no space for your luggage without paniers, and what if it rains? An alternative vehicle would be necessary. So, is it worth spending $1,500 for a scoot without owning a car before-hand? Probably not.

Another example of this might have been my soap-making business. What's stopping me? Well I don't really have an address I can call my own, presently. That's a problem only because the process takes about 3 weeks and if I find myself in a new location after a few days, I can't be tied down by a bunch of lye, glycerine and hundreds of dollars spent on equipment. However, this doesn't mean it can never happen, it only means I must postpone my arrangements for my newest insanely fast get rich quick scheme until I secure an apartment with Alex in Burlington for the summer.

Until I get back to Burlington, though, I must survive Team Type 1's push in New Mexico. First, the Road Runner Classic Omnium (10km time trial AM, 100km rr PM) will take place this Saturday in Albuquerque (I'm on the plane from Albany International as I type). It sounds as though there will be some press conferences between the race and the American Diabetes Association has indicated they would be interested in having a few riders stop by their expo setup at the race venue. I told them I'd be glad to help continue spread awareness for Type 1 and motivation to live healthy lifestyles by inspiring proper, safe management the disease. I will then drive to Silver City, NM for the Tour of the Gila beginning on April 28th and ending on May 2nd. Rumor has it LANCE will be there. There's nothing like high altitude racing when you're coming from sea-level, but, I enjoy the challenge of rising to the occasion, so, bring it on.

And, in conclusion, I welcome all of my followers to offer me a free, operational vehicle to better my travel around New England while I'm there. I needed to rent a sweet Hyundai Accent from Budget last night to drive down to Albany. I was happy with it's handling, features and level of comfort. I spent most of the time around 50mph and on the highway I found a semi to sit behind at 60mph who then alerted the police that they were being "tailgated." The cop appeared at a turnaround in the median (at which point I was following at a very reasonable distance) and stopped me to tell me this information. Surprised, my reply was "Oh?!" He ran a standard check on my license which nearly rendered me shitless knowing that I've got a speeding ticket in NY state which is pending payment... Chris tells me that NY State now has a warrant for my arrest. Fortunately, I did not get arrested as the State Officer found no record of this insolent behavior of mine. Before the Officer returned my license, he said "Huh, well I guess the truck driver just found it odd that a car was following him at 60mph, but thanks for driving safely." I continued on my merry way well below the speed limit. This morning I filled up before I returned the silver bullet at the airport: I managed 47mpg with the car and spent under $10.00 on gas, which helped me feel better about buying lunch in the airport.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tour Of The Battenkill UCI 1.2

Well, here I am fixated on the computer, refreshing my accuweather tab. The decision I'm making right now is: Leg warmers or no leg warmers? I have some Morgan Blue oil that Chris brought me back from Belgium that's just screaming to get used today. I'm thinking about going the oil-route. Lyne might kill me for making that decision, so don't tell her.

In this photo, courtesy of Fabio who will forever be my happily assigned roommate, is the reenacted Ace Ventura's "White Devil" character. Can you see the resemblance? Nobody messes....with the do...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Redlands, my last appearance while I was living in California was a step above San Dimas. I had a mediocre prologue (60th), an uneventful stage 1 road race (finished in the bunch sprint in the top 25), an active and team oriented criterium (made a break that might have stuck but got caught after about 7 laps and then helped organize for the sprint finale), and a solid road race (finishing the infamous Sunset Loop in 12th). There were no results had, but finishing in the front of the front group on the final day was confidence-building. I'm still trying to wrap my hands around my muscle-twitch issues, but matters are improving.

The amateur Battenkill race last Saturday was a good bit of fun. I felt slightly marked out of the field, but I probably would've done the same if I was who I was last year racing someone in my shoes. It's only sensible. Coming up with 3rd place was a result I'm happy with: I got some delicious complementary chocolate milk from the Battenkill Farm for making the podium and was lucky enough to have Olivia, Dad, little Eddie and my other Vermont friends to enjoy the afternoon with me. Before we parted ways, Chris, Dad, Eddie and I hit a local diner for some quick grub. Then Chris drove me (with his car loaded bearing all of my Californian belongings) home and we spent the night to enjoy a solid 4 hr endurance ride touring the southern Berkshires the next day. It was a very welcoming weekend home, indeed.

Dieter Drake will present the UCI 1.2 Tour of the Battenkill this Sunday. I'm invited! Last week was a good prelude to this bigger race. I hope Team Type 1 gets to bring home the glory.

As for all of my training and moving around through my move from California (arrived on the east coast at 12:00AM on April 9th), things have been busy. Stationed comfortably at home with Mom, I'm leaving again on Thursday, April 22nd for Albuquerque, New Mexico. There I'll do the Road Runner Classic Omnium on the 24th consisting of a 10km morning prologue time trial and a 63 mile afternoon road race. That all happens at about 5,200ft above sea level. While I'm there, I hope to meet up with my Aunt Melanie who settled in Santa Fe. I don't think she's ever been to a bike race, so that will be a grand old time to catch up! Then I will travel down to Silver City for the Tour of the Gila (April 28-May 2). I currently have a one-way ticket. There's a chance I might be on the roster for Joe Martin Stage Race in Arkansas 4 days after Gila, but that remains to be seen.

I finally got a powertap. I rode with it this week. If you're dying to know my numbers I can't give any to you except that my threshold is 380w and I'm 50kilos. In actuality, I'm not 50 kilos and I haven't done any real threshold tests. But it is nice to have a good training tool to put to use when the time is right.

PS If you're looking for some other interesting blogs to peruse, check out Cycle Chic themed on following the fashion, lifestyle and trends of the European commuters and recreational cyclists.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Already?

A lot has happened since San Dimas, Redlands and the Battenkill Pro/Am race. I will update you I promise. First, I must post a photo of my sister Paige Ferratto who I visited tonight. She won (3rd consecutive victory) the triple jump in a track competition this afternoon. It was a good time to wish her a happy birthday and get some kick ass frozen yogurt. Man I need a haircut.