The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Friday, March 19, 2010

San Dimas Prologue Closed

Most of you are sleeping right now. We had a later start tonight so I'm writing this as I cool down for an evening's rest. I would like to point out that 8 of the 15 names listed on the poll finished within the top 30 this afternoon. The abbreviated results are as follows, tailored for the convenience of familiarity.

Place Name Team Time
1   Day, Benjamin   Fly V Australia            12:53.79
2   mach, paul      BISSELL Pro Cycling        12:58.81
4   Amaran, Luis    Jamis...                   13:10.15
6   Baldwin, Chris  UnitedHealthcare-Maxxis    13:12.51
12  Parisien, Francois   SPIDERTECH            13:31.27
15  Sonntag, Benjamin  Mastermind Athl. Acad.  13:38.47      
16  Menzies, Karl   Unitedhealthcare-maxxis    13:42.50
20  Howes, Alex     Holowesko Partners U23     13:45.88 
21  Shirely, Neil   Kelly Benefit Strategies   13:46.36
24  DUGAN, WILLIAM  Team Type 1                13:50.98
29  Wamsley, Kyle   BISSELL Pro Cycling        13:52.41
43  Driscoll, Jamey Jamis Sutter Home          14:17.07
49  Stewart, Scott  Team Type 1                14:21.58   
50  FRATTINI, DAVIDE   Team Type 1             14:21.80
55  Calbria, Fabio  Team Type                  14:24.78
58  Anthony, Jesse  Kelly Benefit Strategies   14:27.50
116 Howe, Isacc     Mountain Khakis            15:29.75
145 Jaskiewicz, Colin AXA Equitable / CRCA     16:39.17

The race went better than I expected. To keep those dying for the details happy, I'll spill a couple. I was torn between cassettes at the beginning of the day up until the start. Originally I was planning to roll the big ring up the climb and using an 11-28t cassette, but once I understood that the wind at the top wasn't as subtle as it was the day before, I decided I might ride the race in my little ring up front. 10 minutes before the start I met the mechanic at the gate to replace the 11-28t with an 11-25t. Bruno Langlois (a good old quebecois friend), was my 30 second man. I caught him around the half-way point which my have been a little soon. I didn't put too much time into him after that, probably due to the harder effort before. But, given that it was the first time trial of the year, I am satisfied with the result. All of that back and forth business before the race was for nothing: I rode the big ring the whole time anyway! All in all, I'm where I should be, but I still have some work to do to improve.

The UVM former national champions reunited for the day to compete, but this time in opposition. Jamey Driscoll had a very good ride today, showing that training in Vermont in the winter isn't all bad. Isaac is getting better form as an all-arounder, but will try to make his mark in sprint finishes, as will Colin. It was very nostalgic to see them again. Even Thom Coupe came for the weekend representing with a phenomenal result (33rd). The East Coast continues to represent. One quick anecdote: Ben Sonntag was second to both me and Zach Macdonald at the 2008 and 2009 Collegiate Cyclocross National Championships, respectively. He got the better of me today with some seriously happy legs.

Those that voted for Ben Day are probably really psyched that they were correct, and indeed, good job. But, don't forget that we're racing without radios this year, and plenty of action can happen in the next two days. For all I know, a break could slip away and someone all the way in 24th place could take the overall victory - optimistic thought to sleep with. Goodnight.

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