The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Team Camp Continued

The Things You Expected:

Steve's response to the quiz on my future:

stay until april 1
get a car back here. you can get a very good car for $3k...
not something cool but a very good car
dont say the word marriage until yr 30 and making 90k a year at least
dont talk on the phone so much
thats my story.

If you don't know The Pooch, this pretty much sums it up, except there are too many full sentences and there isn't a post script unintroduced as "post script" after his famed signature. Right Pooch?
To the right is a photo of all the Cinnamons that Isaac could find. Here they're prepping in the studio and signing up on the bulletin board for whatever games Isaac wanted to play with them.

Ok, on to my fitness. I'm going ok right now. I'm definitely going better than I was last winter while I was in the hospital, but I'm not quite in great race shape. I bet I could hold my own in a road race, though. My base is there, and my strong cross season is definitely contributing to steady training now. I am able to put in longer miles this year and handle a larger training load.

Because I did so much racing last year, I'm really enjoying my time out of competition. Racing takes a lot of focus. I'm a relatively competitive person and find it easy to shift into that motivated state, but 10 months straight warrants a decent rest. That feeling is coming around and I don't see myself straying from races too much longer.

Last week Colin Jaskiewicz came for a visit for 5 days and I got to show him some of the beautiful riding around here. It was really nice having someone from home come for a visit. It's amazing how people can come from the same place, travel so far separately, and find themselves in the same place again. I'll try not to be so philosophical, but the World does seem smaller as I get older. After a few batches our classic pancake mix, Colin left feeling pretty good about Santa Barbara, I think, and with some strong miles in his legs to take back to Pasadena. If I'm not doing much right after camp, we'll have to reunite for some more training again at the end of February. After all, San Dimas Stage Race begins with a hillclimb out Colin's back door that I might like to explore before race day.

The itinerary for team camp entails the first few days of photo shoots, meetings, and more meetings educating us about Diabetes and some of the companies that sponsor us. Rule #1 is that riders on our team that suffer from Type 1 are riders with Type 1 Diabetes, not Diabetics. The riders are not defined by their diseases. The last 3 days we move from Atlanta to a more mountainous area for better riding and we'll get a better chance for time on our new bikes. The feeling I get is that we won't be riding much within the first few days so my plan is to go to camp with full legs, recover a bit, and then get some quality K's in with the team. Yes, it will be 40F and raining.

One of the kids I'm coaching lost his virginity last weekend. That's all I'm going to say. Oh, and he hasn't talked to her since. I guess now he can look for true love now that he smoothed out the rough spots of his game. Was that too far? Sorry kid.Funny Photo with many Hearts of Coach Lyne Bessette on T-Mobile.

Tonight, Lyne and I made a trip to The Habit for burgers tonight after a long ride on the bike. After that we cruised over to Yogurtland, my new favorite place in the world where you pay for the amount of frozen yogurt that you serve yourself and even get to add your own toppings from a very wide selection. I tried Nutter Butters for the first time on top of Peanut Butter, Cheesecake and Vanilla Wafer & Cookie Dough flavored yogurts. Delicious.

The quality of the burgers topped Silvergreens', though Silvergreens did have tasty buns made on-site (pun not really intended but might be suitable based on the employees and their working hours). The teriyaki burger was tastier than the bbq, in my opinion. Both were outfitted with crispy, well-cooked bacon, cheese and avocado. I highly recommend making a stop at The Habit. The only problem with these burgers were that they were so soft, they went down the hatch quickly, leaving me less time to savor the flavor. I am trying to work on eating less quickly, but it's been difficult. Maybe THAT can be my new year's resolution... I also went to the In-N-Out Burger with Colin while he was here and found that the Animal Style Double Double burger was quite satisfactory after a 4hr day in the saddle. Animal style isn't on the menu: it's a secret locals only know about. Animal style means they slather secret sauce and grilled onions on the burger. You can also get your fries Animal Style as well (with cheese and maybe some beef or something). Either way, The Habit beats In-N-Out, but In-N-Out tops all other burger franchises. Bam.

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