The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Team Camp Coming

I'm in my bed. It's dark. I'm tired. Bachelors of Science is playing. Alex introduced me to them. Yes, personally. Duh.

The Equipment
Since my new bike came (see previous entry), I made a few small adjustments and spun for 35 min last night on the new rig. Today I spent a few hours on the thing, but new bikes are always a bit funky feeling. I have to beat the funk out of it in order to be comfortable with it, I guess. Handlebars are a little wider than the Time's, and the saddle's a little smaller and harder (above, Selle Italia SLR Team Edition). I've been trying to get used to one point of contact on the bike at a time (Handlebars, Saddle, cleats/shoes/pedals, still to come). I was sent my new pedals and cleats, which I think I'll throw on for Monday and Tuesday before I leave for camp. I've never used a Shimano pedal setup before and I'm kind of looking forward to it. The Time system has done me well for the last 3 years, and before that Look pedals were my first experience on the road after stunning my competition with old SPD mountain pedals as a junior. We're on PRO (Shimano) handlebars and stem. The seatpost matches the Colnago frame. Shimano Ultegra componentry outfits the training bike (still getting used to the hoods coming from SRAM). This year, Biemme instead of Louis Garneau will cloth our bony nakedosity with more skin-tight lycra (when will they get over that?) My fingers are crossed for the Biemme kits because my last experience with them provided a mediocre level of comfort. The final piece of equipment that I'm eager to meddle with is the Time Trial Bicycle. Colnago will also provide TT bikes for us (and pretty ones, at that). This will be my first experience with a bike for this discipline. In the past, I would construct what one would call a Frankenstein TT bike from a mashup of odd parts and an old road frame. If you aren't positive what this looks like, you might be able to see some differences if you view either this image of me time trialing at the Fitchburg Longsjo Classic, or the one below where I've actually attached SRAM Red shifters to my aerobar extensions and used the Time road frame to facilitate a faster TT.

I'm closing my lids to slip into a tranquil slumber. But, that's only to wake up to Lyne hammering me into the ground for 5hrs tomorrow.

To Be Continued...

What to expect:
*Fitness evaluation and its pertinence to Team Camp
*Past week spent with former teammate Colino Jaskievelli
*My itinerary for Team Camp
*Publicizing the recent accomplishments of the UVM Cycling team members I coach through sheer embarrassment
*A survey with a hidden bias condoning drinking well under the age of 14
*15 strippers each named Cinnamon with whom Isaac Howe did not have relations of any sort
*What Steve Pucci has to say, personally about my future for the next year (remember that survey you all took?). His response will be posted. Verbatim. Tune in!

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