The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sun's Out Guns Out

Whew. Pardon my language, but today has kicked ass. I woke up at 6:30 for an 8am ride that lasted well into 5 hrs. After that Lyne, took me for a burger at Silvergreen's on "la mopette," her 650cc BMW motorcycle. That was a blast. We found this place in the magazine "Food & Home" that listed 35 of Santa Barbara's best burger joints. So, I think we're going to have to make room in our schedules (however busy they are) for this experience every couple of weeks after a good long ride. This place had a nice atmosphere and found solid middle ground between fast food and restaurant, with a restaurant quality, real food burger and quick service (order at the counter and get a buzzer like at Panera). I feel like I could go to each of these 35 places and check up these reviews for interrater validity, but who has the time? I have the time. Maybe not the $, yet - at least not until they come out with The Dugan Diaries, which I'm told are due early in September 2013.

Speaking of my Diaries, Lyne reminded me to make sure to go to the Sporza Website and watch the Last World Cup before 'Cross Worlds tomorrow morning. I think it starts at 9am EST, 6am West Coast time. Of course, CXMagazine will be doing their usual text play-by-play of the race.

My riding was much better today. I started to feel pretty comfortable on the bike and had some great climbs. My knee was not bothering me today. Let's hope it stays that way.

Lyne's doing a great job with me and I'm psyched for the coming season. She brought me to a great level in CX and I think that I have even further to go. A solid 'cross season is under my belt, which I think will bode well for good strength and added depth on the road. I'm one of Lyne's first athletes but she's interested in coaching other athletes as well (any level, might I add). I can put you in touch with her, or you can get in touch with her on Lyne's Blog and do it that way. This could be a great way to pass the torch of rider improvement and savvy around. Oh, and if you were at all skeptical about having a female coach, don't be. Lyne's been to the Olympics 3 times, hurts me plenty on rides as a retired professional cyclist and is now a world class triathlete. I'm pretty sure she ran her first marathon (not flat) in a 3:02. She's a great friend and athlete. Contact her!

I just finished walking the dog (Solamon, or Soli for short). He's a mix of Border Collie and Black Lab. There wasn't much time for a nap today and I've got another big day tomorrow, and I'm naturally feeling a little wiped, but I can sleep when I'm dead. Tonight's a good chance to get into town and off the mountain. I'm going to grab a drink with Shawn and Jesse Anthony. Jesse finally got into town yesterday morning so now's my chance to give him grief for being alive in person.

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