The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rainy in Santa Barbara

Worldly Advice for Will:

It has been a few days but I needed the time to organize my thoughts after my 23rd birthday, a dreadfully old number. I am torn over a few decisions and I need your help. I created another short survey for you to complete. It will help me in my decision-making for the near future. It has to do with where to live, what kind of car I should have, and when I should get married. If you feel compelled to leave your opinions in your own words, complete the survey and leave a comment on the Birthday Boy post.

Thank you all for taking the survey on, which is still open. It hasn't been 24hrs yet and I have at least twice as many responses to this survey compared to the one on the "Jersey Shore." That says something for readership, for sho'.

Alright, Results:

40 surveyed

Q1: 42% suggest I should make a 6 month plan out of the East and West Coasts. 32% find I'd be happier leaving for the East by April 1 and calling it a trip and 25% approve of staying through April to avoid the inclement spring weather in New England.

Q2: A large majority (48%) believed it would be smartest to wait to get a car until the year is up and my life settles. 30% feel that I should get a car on the West Coast and 22% think I should get one when I get home.

Q3: Here it gets interesting. 40% think the car should definitely wait until next year, and not far behind (38%) came the opinion that I should get the 2005 Volkswagen Golf TDI. Only 22% thought I should spend money (when I have it) on a cheaper Japanese car.

Q4: Most people (38%) thought that getting married between 25-30yrs would be a good plan for me. 30% thought I should wait until after 30, and 10% thought I should wait until after 35! 15% thought tomorrow would be a great idea, and only 8% thought I should never get married.


Now we're not dealing with an ideally diverse surveyed population, so for the sake of simplicity, let's just accept any response that is >5% different than another one as holding significant difference in value. Any two responses <5% different in response rate will be too close to judge a significant difference. Therefore, because 38% think I should get married before age 30 over the 30% that think I should get married before 35, the difference here is deemed a significant one.

That said, based on these responses I can conclude that it would be most reasonable for me to make a 6 month plan between the East and West Coasts for training/racing purposes, hold off on the car for a year or so and if I DID decide to purchase a car to go ahead with a Californian TDI, while not making a decision on marriage until I'm between 25 and 30 years old. That was a mouthful.

These are reasonable ideas.

I got considerable worry and concern in comments and emails about the marriage question. It was mostly on the survey because as I get older, those events become a closer reality. I have friends who are getting married and, though I don't feel ready for it, it's something everyone ponders.


  1. Hey will! keep this up, I am looking foward to following your season this year with tt1

  2. thanks dave, i hope to keep writing. bear with me, i can't do it every day!