The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Polo Is Popular In SB

Well the man that made my front page really struck a tone with a few people. Now that the issue has settled, I'm ready to move on.

The past couple of days looked like this:

Tuesday:3:20 ride starting with Tim and then to the fax machine and then for another hr+ and I found Mountain Road which is of considerable interest to me. It's one of those roads that twists and turns about every 100m along the side of the mountain. I grabbed a few shots and will post them soon.

Wednesday:3hrs on Mountain Road and up Gibraltar. then a surprise 20 min ride to fax other crap to Vassili later in the day and in regular clothes. i sweated my ass off climbing to Westmont College where Diana works and lets me borrow her office equipment. She's been a great help and roommate, which reminds me to do some good cleaning for her when I get back so she returns from work stress-free.

The team camp coming up in about 4 weeks for Team Type 1. It'll be held in Georgia from February 10-18. There's a great Pedal with the Professoinals offer for $5,000 and you get a flight down there and royal treatment. It actually sounds like a very reasonable deal. Check out the link if you'd like some good info on that. Some Berkshire Cycling Association or CCB attendance would be excellent!

In other news previous teammate on CCB Racing and college roommate Colin Jaskiewicz is making his own adventure to California. He's going to be staying in Pasadena for training and I hope to meet up with him for some great riding up this way. Maybe we can go to LA to sign some autographs for the wannabe celebrities. I'll even hang a sign that says so.

My knee is doing a little better and I've got a sweet day off today so I'm enjoying some time downtown. I'll be heading to the beach shortly for a good read and perhaps a snooze. Watching the surfers is a novelty so I have to take advantage of that. I also need to convince Tim to go surfing with me so we can make asses of ourselves while Lyne naturally takes up the sport with ease and turns professional the week after. She seems to be world class at everything so I'm glad she's coaching my ass. Maybe I'll HTFU (harden the fuck up, yes you should click on this video) and learn a thing or two.

Movies. Youth in Revolt is absolutely hilarious. I had a great time with Shawn, Ken and guest Lucas Euser the night before last downtown for the movie, ice cream, and a glass of beer. Shawn needed 3 wingmen to help him get a bite at the local bar. The young lady said she wouldn't date customers. Those are words from at least a dozen movies. Ironically, every time this is said, the invisible barrier alone enhances the preexisting sexual tension and the wall eventually disinigrates as love prevails! I'd like to say that we're going back there. Perhaps for my birthday tomorrow night and Shawn can have a second shot. That makes me 23. I guess my age dictates that I should fit into the young adult world very comfortably, but I hope I don't have to act like it yet. Maybe next year. Hell I haven't owned a car yet and I still rent rooms in random people's houses. I also watched Bruno last night. Joe told me he saw parents taking their children to the movie, but had to leave early due to the unexpected content. If you haven't seen it, pornographic images flash before you within the first 30 seconds and if you give it another 180 seconds you'll see Bruno getting anally probed by a dildo hooked up to an exercise bike controlled by Diesel, a flight attendendant with whom Bruno is head over heels in love. The dust buster was used as were other creative props in this adoring love-making scene between two men. I doubt the family left before this scene ended, just 4 minutes into the movie. That's a lesson to parents to remember to research movies, shows, books, music etc... before letting their kids in on the action. But what's the use? Kids are manipulative little bastards and will get away seeing the stuff one way or another. You know the parents that let their kids throw parties as long as they're home? Sure, that's a great way to get around having to be a parent: they may not listen to you the next time you need to explain something or be punitive, but at least you'll still be on your little angel's good side, right?

Now I have to go play poker against the Polo players around here. Wish me luck. Talk about people that need to HTFU, sheesh.


  1. WILL its Patrick. Keep this coming.

  2. Thank You, Anonymous. I'll do my best.