The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I saw my first Audi R8 in person yesterday. It was white and looked kind of like the one in the photo above only it didn't have a racing # on it. That was a special moment, but it doesn't really match up to the Bugatti Veyron that infatuated us Sophomore year, or does it? It was only a matter of time, really. The car candy is excellent around here.

On another note, my knee's been bugging me since I hopped on the old Time. I'm trying to work out the kinks, but it isn't very comfortable on rides yet. In fact, I cut today short from a 4+hr group ride to sub 3hrs. Luckily I have Diana, roommate and Physical Therapist to help me get healthy (tonight I did 3-4 rounds of electrotherapy and icing to help it heal) so I can be a real ass kicker and kick all of UCSB's asses. Oh yes, those kids were all on the ride. They can really go! It's January and they're flying, but don't worry UVM, we know how to ramp it up.

The day began at 8AM on the local group ride with probably 30+ men and women from the area. As I said, UCSB and a local racing club joined us. I also met an old friend of mine, Adrian Gerrits. History: I beat Adrian in the Rutgers Time Trial and Circuit race, but he got me in the Criterium in 2006. Now THAT'S back in the day.

Rutgers 2006 Season Opener Results

That's for all the youngins at UVM. Who said I couldn't do well in a TT? I was 6th! Booyahh. I think I had about 50lbs in my tires, too. That's meat for your potatoes, Buckley and Derek. It's all about performance. I've seen that video a dozen times and I never get tired of it.

**For those asking about some coaching services, you might consider contacting Megan. She rides for Tibco, the real Women's Professional team in the U.S. and podiums in some of Europe's big races. Take a look at her blog by clicking her name.

It's been a quiet evening. I'd really like to see Avatar so I'm going to make that plan for tomorrow after another group ride. Tomorrow is World Championships. They have their local World's every Sunday out here and it's about 2 hrs or so. I'll hang tough if the knee cooperates.

Hopefully Amazon sends me my battery charger for my black camera so I can take some photos soon. Today wasn't a good day anyway because it was overcast. That's another thing I noticed in the news was that the biggest issues the meteorologists have around here is discussing how many clouds will be in the sky. Having just come from a 33 inch snowstorm, I burst out laughing last night watching The Weather Channel. What the heck do they know about weather? Isn't a cloud a technicality? How many points will there be on the scale between partly cloudy and sunny? Earthquakes are the big hitters around here. No I didn't feel the earthquake today.

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