The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Friday, January 15, 2010

Birthday Boy (Updated)

Yeahp, today I'm the big birthday boy. I started my day listening to Manu Chao, a polyglot and phenomenal musical artist. A few of his good ones are J'ai besoin de la lune, Me Gustas Tu, and Bongo Bong Je ne t'aime plus. Joe, these could be some cool songs for the kids.

I'm heading out now for a ride. Today the flatter roads are calling my name because I want to get my knee feeling good enough for a longer ride this weekend. I'll return with a few updates. Have an excellent day.

The ride Friday (celebration of my nativity) was a lot of fun. I stopped to spectate about 40 UCSB kids surfing dangerously close to some gigantic rocks. Nobody crashed into them. Then I kept following the bike path and found myself lost in the center of the UCSB campus with 600 Californians switching classes. Bewildered, I just kept pedaling like I knew where I was. I eventually found the road but the campus is enormous. I spent Saturday with Tim, Shawn and Ken on the bikes. Again.

Sunday was the big day, my first longer ride of the season. I started with the World Championships and stopped to help a young guy after he got tangled up in a crash half-way through the ride. Because the group of 100 or so kept going (jerks), I got dropped but had a great 4 man paceline going as I picked up stragglers. I ended up riding north to drop of the USCB kids with Ken. John picked up with us as we came through town (for his age class, 18, John used to be the best mogul skier in the nation). Ken's the coach for the collegiate team and while I was with them, I made sure to remind them of the ass-whipping UVM gave them at nationals last year. After we dropped Ken off at home, John continued with me for another hour or so and I finished with 5.25hrs in and my knee was hanging tight. It was raining the last 2hrs or so. No problem. It's a damn hurricane today! That night we went to see Avatar in 3D. It was like going on a 2.5 hour adventure. I bet it's Amos' favorite movie. It was wild to be able to slip into the world of Pandora. The alternate reality that the characters experience while controlling their avatars on Pandora is so convincing that you as a spectator really feel like you're living it with them. I thoroughly enjoyed it. When's the 2nd one coming out?

After that, we went to a local Irish Pub and had some drinks. Apparently it was the celebration of my birthday and I was giving 3 shots of Jager in quick succession. My pool game went from mediocre to dreadful within a few minutes. I don't recall being affected so heavily by only a few drinks, but the 5hr ride probably had something to do with it.

Today, a quiet day off. The sun is actually poking through the clouds, but only a few minutes ago there were 40mph winds and sheets of rain coming down. It's supposed to be like that for the next week so I'm going to have a lighter training schedule to accomodate the weather.


  1. A 'functional' choice is one bringing you more of what you do want in your life, and less of what you don't want. Dysfunctional choices give you less of what you want, more of what you don't want. Only your vote counts.
    Q1: don't 'should' on yourself! Make it fun...enjoy a little spring beach.
    Q2: will a car give you more than it demands?
    Q3: Only get something AWD-TDI is great. Chicks out west require cars...if you can't transport them you can't support them in the dream they aspire to...and you will be spending way too much of your precious moments driving that rig to not be having fun in it...nothing stinks like having invested the resources and not getting the benefit: get something you can count on: cheap cars cost more life juice than fun reliable cars and give a hell of a lot less back in return.
    Q4: people evolve too fast and too far through their 20s. You don't even know who you will be in 7 years, let alone who she will hve become. Just make it fun and love the living. If it is meant to be she will still be with you at 30.
    What is a Quibblo???
    Check Reitler's J1 results this weekend at Methow Valley SuperTour. Casey Smith is world junior championships biathlete. Compare Reitler's time c the OJs 1-2 yrs older.
    He's earn this break-out.
    Keep on questing! Tad

  2. 1. move in march so we can train asap, obviously
    2. i'll give you a ride if you need one
    3. ditto
    4. get married tomorrow, not today. i'll tell you the exact same thing tomorrow.

  3. Gave it my best shot will. I assume its warmer and not as (constantly) wet in SB in the spring than where I was near SF (tho not in the spring). First off, congrats on not taking the automobile plunge yet. I lucked into a 2004 toyota I owe my parents quite a sum for but i'm confident it will last me. that being said I answered:

    1. B, this way you'll be able to stop in and get a morale boost seeing the young'ns graduate from UVM, etc.
    2. B, the car's body will probably start getting worn out once it hits the east coast CX season but you'll have a head start if it was a dry west coast car. someone I worked with in IL summer of '08 had an 84 Volvo 740 turbo that was BEAUTIFUL. guess where it was from, despite the fact that he lived in a chicago suburb and his family had had the car for 10 years? Arizona.
    3. B. Can't beat Hondas/Toyotas. I would echo some of what Tad said in that cars are tricky investments if you're not getting them new. My 90 accord gave me lots of great miles but my family and I had to put a bit more money into it than we wanted. And we thought we were really careful selecting it and getting it pre-inspection inspected by an auto tech. too many people owned it before me and didn't take care of it. who owns/drives a car for 111,xxx miles and doesn't replace a f^$#*^ timing belt? But I know you won't do that...
    4. B, but I'm not as steadfast in my decision on that one. It seems you care very deeply for this woman in your life but from what I have heard and seen in my 23.5 years on this earth Marriage takes a lot, often more than people are prepared for. our lives are likely going to change immeasurably in the coming 7+ years so live with her for a while and keep her near you without marrying her yet if you can, then you two will feel much more strongly about marriage once you've survived multiple years living together.

    But in the end these are decisions YOU have to make. What I have learned is to trust your gut instinct and it doesn't usually do you wrong. Best of luck and give my regards to the west coast. Best of luck from the winter wonderland of new england.

    Jeff Caisse

  4. Manu Chao= super solid

    I love his beats

    Happy B Day