The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hooray! My great friend Laura Spector called me from Europe to tell me she's qualified for the 2010 Biathlon Olympics this February! This is a thrill and it makes my day. There are more photos of Laura here, here and here. It was fun to google her name and find some photos of her on LIFE. What the heck? Also just a 2 weeks ago she had a great interview by in her Boston Globe article. You'd never catch me that close to one of those animals.

I've stayed with the Spector family from time to time. It's sort of my second home. Thanks to them for their kindness and congratulations to Laura. You earned it all. Excellent job.

World Championships this morning went pretty well. I wanted to take it easy and did my best but I had to go up the climb at a good pace, and my knee was feeling a little better, so what was the harm? It was also important for me to chase down hairy legs Adrian who took a flyer ahead of the group. Aaron Olson and wife attended the show as did Erik Saunders who forgot his helmet, handlebar tape and Rogain. It's nice feeling more comfortable with the riders around here. The group was probably 50 or so, making it one of the largest group rides I've ever been on. Except for the Battenkill Roubaix race. That was a pretty large group ride...

Show me something more motivating than this video from La Plagne's stage of the 1987 Tour de France when Roche performs miracles. The interview is incredible.

Gotta get changed and hooked up to the electrodes for therapy.

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