The 2012 Kit

The 2012 Kit

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sun's Out Guns Out

Whew. Pardon my language, but today has kicked ass. I woke up at 6:30 for an 8am ride that lasted well into 5 hrs. After that Lyne, took me for a burger at Silvergreen's on "la mopette," her 650cc BMW motorcycle. That was a blast. We found this place in the magazine "Food & Home" that listed 35 of Santa Barbara's best burger joints. So, I think we're going to have to make room in our schedules (however busy they are) for this experience every couple of weeks after a good long ride. This place had a nice atmosphere and found solid middle ground between fast food and restaurant, with a restaurant quality, real food burger and quick service (order at the counter and get a buzzer like at Panera). I feel like I could go to each of these 35 places and check up these reviews for interrater validity, but who has the time? I have the time. Maybe not the $, yet - at least not until they come out with The Dugan Diaries, which I'm told are due early in September 2013.

Speaking of my Diaries, Lyne reminded me to make sure to go to the Sporza Website and watch the Last World Cup before 'Cross Worlds tomorrow morning. I think it starts at 9am EST, 6am West Coast time. Of course, CXMagazine will be doing their usual text play-by-play of the race.

My riding was much better today. I started to feel pretty comfortable on the bike and had some great climbs. My knee was not bothering me today. Let's hope it stays that way.

Lyne's doing a great job with me and I'm psyched for the coming season. She brought me to a great level in CX and I think that I have even further to go. A solid 'cross season is under my belt, which I think will bode well for good strength and added depth on the road. I'm one of Lyne's first athletes but she's interested in coaching other athletes as well (any level, might I add). I can put you in touch with her, or you can get in touch with her on Lyne's Blog and do it that way. This could be a great way to pass the torch of rider improvement and savvy around. Oh, and if you were at all skeptical about having a female coach, don't be. Lyne's been to the Olympics 3 times, hurts me plenty on rides as a retired professional cyclist and is now a world class triathlete. I'm pretty sure she ran her first marathon (not flat) in a 3:02. She's a great friend and athlete. Contact her!

I just finished walking the dog (Solamon, or Soli for short). He's a mix of Border Collie and Black Lab. There wasn't much time for a nap today and I've got another big day tomorrow, and I'm naturally feeling a little wiped, but I can sleep when I'm dead. Tonight's a good chance to get into town and off the mountain. I'm going to grab a drink with Shawn and Jesse Anthony. Jesse finally got into town yesterday morning so now's my chance to give him grief for being alive in person.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rainy in Santa Barbara

Worldly Advice for Will:

It has been a few days but I needed the time to organize my thoughts after my 23rd birthday, a dreadfully old number. I am torn over a few decisions and I need your help. I created another short survey for you to complete. It will help me in my decision-making for the near future. It has to do with where to live, what kind of car I should have, and when I should get married. If you feel compelled to leave your opinions in your own words, complete the survey and leave a comment on the Birthday Boy post.

Thank you all for taking the survey on, which is still open. It hasn't been 24hrs yet and I have at least twice as many responses to this survey compared to the one on the "Jersey Shore." That says something for readership, for sho'.

Alright, Results:

40 surveyed

Q1: 42% suggest I should make a 6 month plan out of the East and West Coasts. 32% find I'd be happier leaving for the East by April 1 and calling it a trip and 25% approve of staying through April to avoid the inclement spring weather in New England.

Q2: A large majority (48%) believed it would be smartest to wait to get a car until the year is up and my life settles. 30% feel that I should get a car on the West Coast and 22% think I should get one when I get home.

Q3: Here it gets interesting. 40% think the car should definitely wait until next year, and not far behind (38%) came the opinion that I should get the 2005 Volkswagen Golf TDI. Only 22% thought I should spend money (when I have it) on a cheaper Japanese car.

Q4: Most people (38%) thought that getting married between 25-30yrs would be a good plan for me. 30% thought I should wait until after 30, and 10% thought I should wait until after 35! 15% thought tomorrow would be a great idea, and only 8% thought I should never get married.


Now we're not dealing with an ideally diverse surveyed population, so for the sake of simplicity, let's just accept any response that is >5% different than another one as holding significant difference in value. Any two responses <5% different in response rate will be too close to judge a significant difference. Therefore, because 38% think I should get married before age 30 over the 30% that think I should get married before 35, the difference here is deemed a significant one.

That said, based on these responses I can conclude that it would be most reasonable for me to make a 6 month plan between the East and West Coasts for training/racing purposes, hold off on the car for a year or so and if I DID decide to purchase a car to go ahead with a Californian TDI, while not making a decision on marriage until I'm between 25 and 30 years old. That was a mouthful.

These are reasonable ideas.

I got considerable worry and concern in comments and emails about the marriage question. It was mostly on the survey because as I get older, those events become a closer reality. I have friends who are getting married and, though I don't feel ready for it, it's something everyone ponders.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Birthday Boy (Updated)

Yeahp, today I'm the big birthday boy. I started my day listening to Manu Chao, a polyglot and phenomenal musical artist. A few of his good ones are J'ai besoin de la lune, Me Gustas Tu, and Bongo Bong Je ne t'aime plus. Joe, these could be some cool songs for the kids.

I'm heading out now for a ride. Today the flatter roads are calling my name because I want to get my knee feeling good enough for a longer ride this weekend. I'll return with a few updates. Have an excellent day.

The ride Friday (celebration of my nativity) was a lot of fun. I stopped to spectate about 40 UCSB kids surfing dangerously close to some gigantic rocks. Nobody crashed into them. Then I kept following the bike path and found myself lost in the center of the UCSB campus with 600 Californians switching classes. Bewildered, I just kept pedaling like I knew where I was. I eventually found the road but the campus is enormous. I spent Saturday with Tim, Shawn and Ken on the bikes. Again.

Sunday was the big day, my first longer ride of the season. I started with the World Championships and stopped to help a young guy after he got tangled up in a crash half-way through the ride. Because the group of 100 or so kept going (jerks), I got dropped but had a great 4 man paceline going as I picked up stragglers. I ended up riding north to drop of the USCB kids with Ken. John picked up with us as we came through town (for his age class, 18, John used to be the best mogul skier in the nation). Ken's the coach for the collegiate team and while I was with them, I made sure to remind them of the ass-whipping UVM gave them at nationals last year. After we dropped Ken off at home, John continued with me for another hour or so and I finished with 5.25hrs in and my knee was hanging tight. It was raining the last 2hrs or so. No problem. It's a damn hurricane today! That night we went to see Avatar in 3D. It was like going on a 2.5 hour adventure. I bet it's Amos' favorite movie. It was wild to be able to slip into the world of Pandora. The alternate reality that the characters experience while controlling their avatars on Pandora is so convincing that you as a spectator really feel like you're living it with them. I thoroughly enjoyed it. When's the 2nd one coming out?

After that, we went to a local Irish Pub and had some drinks. Apparently it was the celebration of my birthday and I was giving 3 shots of Jager in quick succession. My pool game went from mediocre to dreadful within a few minutes. I don't recall being affected so heavily by only a few drinks, but the 5hr ride probably had something to do with it.

Today, a quiet day off. The sun is actually poking through the clouds, but only a few minutes ago there were 40mph winds and sheets of rain coming down. It's supposed to be like that for the next week so I'm going to have a lighter training schedule to accomodate the weather.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Polo Is Popular In SB

Well the man that made my front page really struck a tone with a few people. Now that the issue has settled, I'm ready to move on.

The past couple of days looked like this:

Tuesday:3:20 ride starting with Tim and then to the fax machine and then for another hr+ and I found Mountain Road which is of considerable interest to me. It's one of those roads that twists and turns about every 100m along the side of the mountain. I grabbed a few shots and will post them soon.

Wednesday:3hrs on Mountain Road and up Gibraltar. then a surprise 20 min ride to fax other crap to Vassili later in the day and in regular clothes. i sweated my ass off climbing to Westmont College where Diana works and lets me borrow her office equipment. She's been a great help and roommate, which reminds me to do some good cleaning for her when I get back so she returns from work stress-free.

The team camp coming up in about 4 weeks for Team Type 1. It'll be held in Georgia from February 10-18. There's a great Pedal with the Professoinals offer for $5,000 and you get a flight down there and royal treatment. It actually sounds like a very reasonable deal. Check out the link if you'd like some good info on that. Some Berkshire Cycling Association or CCB attendance would be excellent!

In other news previous teammate on CCB Racing and college roommate Colin Jaskiewicz is making his own adventure to California. He's going to be staying in Pasadena for training and I hope to meet up with him for some great riding up this way. Maybe we can go to LA to sign some autographs for the wannabe celebrities. I'll even hang a sign that says so.

My knee is doing a little better and I've got a sweet day off today so I'm enjoying some time downtown. I'll be heading to the beach shortly for a good read and perhaps a snooze. Watching the surfers is a novelty so I have to take advantage of that. I also need to convince Tim to go surfing with me so we can make asses of ourselves while Lyne naturally takes up the sport with ease and turns professional the week after. She seems to be world class at everything so I'm glad she's coaching my ass. Maybe I'll HTFU (harden the fuck up, yes you should click on this video) and learn a thing or two.

Movies. Youth in Revolt is absolutely hilarious. I had a great time with Shawn, Ken and guest Lucas Euser the night before last downtown for the movie, ice cream, and a glass of beer. Shawn needed 3 wingmen to help him get a bite at the local bar. The young lady said she wouldn't date customers. Those are words from at least a dozen movies. Ironically, every time this is said, the invisible barrier alone enhances the preexisting sexual tension and the wall eventually disinigrates as love prevails! I'd like to say that we're going back there. Perhaps for my birthday tomorrow night and Shawn can have a second shot. That makes me 23. I guess my age dictates that I should fit into the young adult world very comfortably, but I hope I don't have to act like it yet. Maybe next year. Hell I haven't owned a car yet and I still rent rooms in random people's houses. I also watched Bruno last night. Joe told me he saw parents taking their children to the movie, but had to leave early due to the unexpected content. If you haven't seen it, pornographic images flash before you within the first 30 seconds and if you give it another 180 seconds you'll see Bruno getting anally probed by a dildo hooked up to an exercise bike controlled by Diesel, a flight attendendant with whom Bruno is head over heels in love. The dust buster was used as were other creative props in this adoring love-making scene between two men. I doubt the family left before this scene ended, just 4 minutes into the movie. That's a lesson to parents to remember to research movies, shows, books, music etc... before letting their kids in on the action. But what's the use? Kids are manipulative little bastards and will get away seeing the stuff one way or another. You know the parents that let their kids throw parties as long as they're home? Sure, that's a great way to get around having to be a parent: they may not listen to you the next time you need to explain something or be punitive, but at least you'll still be on your little angel's good side, right?

Now I have to go play poker against the Polo players around here. Wish me luck. Talk about people that need to HTFU, sheesh.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Jersey Shore

I had a peaceful day off today and I'm looking forward to a massage this evening. First, downtown called my name and I found Jitters, a nice nook for coffee and the internet on State Street. I bought a chocolate croissant (pain au chocolat) and a poppy seed muffin for Dave and company at FastTrack, one of the go-to shops in Santa Barbara.

Dave helped me with a front derailleur after the airlines mashed up my other one. He gave me a Campy Record one to complete my Trifecta of bike components (SRAM, Shiman and now Campy). History: Dave used to wrench for Lance. The shop is great and you can see them on group rides over weekends. The website is awesome and there are some great cycling videos that you should explore including Lance commercials, a fat man pretending to be Jan Ullrich prepping for the Tour, and some actual Tour de France footage.

I'm culling some information on MTV's new show JERSEY SHORE, the feature of this post. Below is a brief introducion followed by a discussion of the show's controversy.

What we're dealing with:

Girls like 'Snookie' whose "Ultimate dream is to move to Jersey and find a nice, juiced, hot, tanned guy." and Guys like DJ Pauly D who want "'Guidettes to cream their pants when they hear his music' and by 'his music' he means of course, music written, performed, and recorded by other people."

Unfamiliar with some terms? Urbandictionary solves the problem if you need these links for help. Guido, Guidette, or Juicehead which means "Someone who uses steroids in order to aid in the production of muscle mass. Ex. Mark McGuire is a juicehead." This I found particularly hilarious.

Chris Worden, a past roommate of mine at the University of Vermont contributed the following:

What do I think of when I watch MTV's "Jersey Shore?" It's hard to wrap my non-guido Canadian raised brain around, but then again so is calculous." Pause for a moment. Was it pun or purpose that Chris spelled Calculus incorrectly? I never asked and gave him the benefit of the doubt... "It's a carnival of spectacle, a tilt-a-wheel of spray on tan, wife-beaters, hair gel, bad accents, and muscle. A show literally so offensive and unbelievable compared to modern everyday mainstream society that one can barely look away. That is not to say it isn't entertaining. It's damn entertaining, as long as one is removed enough from the reality that people lead very similar lives to the characters of the show. It's a bit how I imagine watching Jonathon Chodroff race cyclocross; you know you shouldn't laugh, but you do, and you're fascinated by the degree of failure witnessed.
What makes the show so entertaining? The characters. One remarkable young lad nicknamed himself "The Situation." Another is named "Snookie," yet all the other characters refer to her as "snickers" behind her back, an implied jab at her weight. The characters fight over girls and beer. They fight strangers in bars, police, and guests in their beach house. The girls fight other girls, the guys fight other guys, the girls fight the guys. The show has left my generation with prominate quotes engrained in our culture, such as:

"I left the club early because I didn't want to cheat on my boyfriend. And I felt like eating ham and drinking water."

"That's what you get from putting a fat girl's ass in your face. That's how you get pink eye."

"I don't give a f**k if you'e fat, you're ugly, you're 45 years old. I'll dance with ya. I think it's hilarious."

The Jersey Shore is valuable from a distanced perspective in that it provides comentary on current day society. People like the characters in The Jersey Shore actually do exist. And they take themselves seriously. There is that degree of diversity in America...everyone from the shy 20 year old who has never kissed a girl in VT to Mike "The Situation" in "Joisy." It's the same reason any "Real Housewives of NY/CA/NJ" etc is amusing, not because these are ordinary people placed in outlandish stiuations, but because these are outlandish people placed in even more outlandish microcosms of our own society.

And I live 30 minutes away. F."

Thanks Chris.

Anthony C. says "I, like many others, DO find this show offensive. I have family members who live in both North Jersey and South Jersey, and also other areas of the country, and can confidently say that this show does not accurately depict any aspect of what we are."

Yes it does. Yes it does!!!!!

I wonder why Anthony C. thinks this. "
Weaponzero posted 'Personally I think everyone on the show, if this is who they really are, are all the bottom feeders of life. They're the type of people who give the entire human race a bad name, and every time I see it, I think about EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Nobody could possibly be that skanky/slutty/self-centered/fake/stupid/idiotic/etc.'"

Some people share the opinion that the show is unentertaining and find it nonsensical: "I've watched a few minutes of it here and there. but for everything I've heard, it's stupid and a waste of time so I don't bother sitting through an entire episode."

A dear friend of mine, Alex Cox, said "I've watched every episode - pretty much the most entertaining thing to watch on TV that requires the least amount of brainpower to understand." Really? "It splits a fine line between the less refined people wanting to emulate that lifestyle and the more sophisticated people trying to understand it. That's why it's so popular...universal appeal. I find myself laughing at it just because there is absolutely no logic or explanation to some of the things that are said or done on the show."

Let's just hope that the religious follwers of the show are mostly those sophisticated folk laughing at the unusual and caught up in giving attention to irregularity in our culture.

Keep them guidos on The Shore, and please, Don't Jersey Vermont!

Thank You for reading.

Another controversy has come to light! Not only the one discussed in my latest blog post, but one regarding the post itself! This survey will help me understand what my readers think and expect of my blog so that I can better serve the purpose of entertaining my followers.

Please only vote once. Thanks so much for visiting.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hooray! My great friend Laura Spector called me from Europe to tell me she's qualified for the 2010 Biathlon Olympics this February! This is a thrill and it makes my day. There are more photos of Laura here, here and here. It was fun to google her name and find some photos of her on LIFE. What the heck? Also just a 2 weeks ago she had a great interview by in her Boston Globe article. You'd never catch me that close to one of those animals.

I've stayed with the Spector family from time to time. It's sort of my second home. Thanks to them for their kindness and congratulations to Laura. You earned it all. Excellent job.

World Championships this morning went pretty well. I wanted to take it easy and did my best but I had to go up the climb at a good pace, and my knee was feeling a little better, so what was the harm? It was also important for me to chase down hairy legs Adrian who took a flyer ahead of the group. Aaron Olson and wife attended the show as did Erik Saunders who forgot his helmet, handlebar tape and Rogain. It's nice feeling more comfortable with the riders around here. The group was probably 50 or so, making it one of the largest group rides I've ever been on. Except for the Battenkill Roubaix race. That was a pretty large group ride...

Show me something more motivating than this video from La Plagne's stage of the 1987 Tour de France when Roche performs miracles. The interview is incredible.

Gotta get changed and hooked up to the electrodes for therapy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I saw my first Audi R8 in person yesterday. It was white and looked kind of like the one in the photo above only it didn't have a racing # on it. That was a special moment, but it doesn't really match up to the Bugatti Veyron that infatuated us Sophomore year, or does it? It was only a matter of time, really. The car candy is excellent around here.

On another note, my knee's been bugging me since I hopped on the old Time. I'm trying to work out the kinks, but it isn't very comfortable on rides yet. In fact, I cut today short from a 4+hr group ride to sub 3hrs. Luckily I have Diana, roommate and Physical Therapist to help me get healthy (tonight I did 3-4 rounds of electrotherapy and icing to help it heal) so I can be a real ass kicker and kick all of UCSB's asses. Oh yes, those kids were all on the ride. They can really go! It's January and they're flying, but don't worry UVM, we know how to ramp it up.

The day began at 8AM on the local group ride with probably 30+ men and women from the area. As I said, UCSB and a local racing club joined us. I also met an old friend of mine, Adrian Gerrits. History: I beat Adrian in the Rutgers Time Trial and Circuit race, but he got me in the Criterium in 2006. Now THAT'S back in the day.

Rutgers 2006 Season Opener Results

That's for all the youngins at UVM. Who said I couldn't do well in a TT? I was 6th! Booyahh. I think I had about 50lbs in my tires, too. That's meat for your potatoes, Buckley and Derek. It's all about performance. I've seen that video a dozen times and I never get tired of it.

**For those asking about some coaching services, you might consider contacting Megan. She rides for Tibco, the real Women's Professional team in the U.S. and podiums in some of Europe's big races. Take a look at her blog by clicking her name.

It's been a quiet evening. I'd really like to see Avatar so I'm going to make that plan for tomorrow after another group ride. Tomorrow is World Championships. They have their local World's every Sunday out here and it's about 2 hrs or so. I'll hang tough if the knee cooperates.

Hopefully Amazon sends me my battery charger for my black camera so I can take some photos soon. Today wasn't a good day anyway because it was overcast. That's another thing I noticed in the news was that the biggest issues the meteorologists have around here is discussing how many clouds will be in the sky. Having just come from a 33 inch snowstorm, I burst out laughing last night watching The Weather Channel. What the heck do they know about weather? Isn't a cloud a technicality? How many points will there be on the scale between partly cloudy and sunny? Earthquakes are the big hitters around here. No I didn't feel the earthquake today.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My New Home

I feel right at home 800ft above sea-level. I feel like I'm waking up in Nice, Fr every morning: those of you following me in Nice know how much I loved it there. I wouldn't mind living here for a while. This is the poor weather season and it's 50 at night and 65-70 during the day.

Yesterday, my first full day, I started with my two teammates Shawn Milne and Ken Hanson, as well as old Timmy boy who's getting ready for Cross Worlds. I got a taste of one of the more handsome climbs around here, San Marco, where the views were impeccable.

Today was equally as exciting. Every time the road takes a turn the sights are as interesting as the last. Everything is cool here. Just riding down a road and seeing an El Camino with 22's on it is cool; but when the view presents a cluster of Palm trees sprouting from the side of a ravine that shoots down to an ocean masked in a misty fog with a 4,000ft high ridge as the backdrop, my jaw drops. And the best part is, you get to see that kind of view as long as your eyes are open. The shrubbery is also nice here and I like riding in shorts and a jersey.

Shawn showed us a narrow little road that ran along the ridge line with twisty S-bends and some strong 3-500m kickers where Tim and I managed to put a minute into the rest of 'em by the next intersection. Oh yes, there is blood on these rides. Lyne came along for the ride as well today and I'm hoping for some good eats tonight chez Johnson, or should I say chez Bessette?

The only difficulty I'm having is trying to figure out how to manage a lifestyle over here. It isn't cheap around so I'm in search of some small towns along the coast that might offer less living expense. I could very well see myself spending a few years in this area. That said, some photos are due but I don't have any yet. My camera battery charger should be on it's way next week and then I'll start posting some of my own crummy photography for some folks to enjoy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Past, Go West Young Man, and Future

Life’s a breeze, but it’s also a slogging misery for others. Each individual carries his own baggage on his lifeboat. Literally, my belongings characterize my past. I’m bringing Gandalf, the white Time frame I rode since I joined CCB in 2007, compliments of Steve P himself. I got my t-shirts from Richard and races I’ve entered. I bought one with Olivia this fall with a matching pair of slacks. I have an electric razor that Jesse Spector gave to me in honor of Hanukah (received in honor of Christmas). I have a photo of me and my sister Paige after the finish of the 2008 Legacy Banks Pittsfield Criterium that she gave to me as my Christmas present last night– cropped and framed. That alone has it’s story: It was the first race that Dad brought Paige and younger son Edward to see. Magically I soloed away from the field for the last half of the race and took the win by a thick margin. That was a proud day in front of my hometown friends and family and I get to take that with me.

I leave behind Mother Louisa, my guardian Joe, Steve, Richard, Amos, The Spector Family, Father Edward, Friends, and the one closest to me now, Olivia. I’m a fairly practiced vagabond: I declared home haphazardly throughout various locations of New England since May 2009, but still, splitting ain’t easy. My new home will be at Diana Palmer’s abode.

Going to California in my mind. Those weren’t the exact words spat and spittered by that old hack James T but it’s my song today. I’m going to learn about this whole racing gig and find out if it’s really for me or if I’m for it. Better yet, I’m going to be able to use what I’m learning to help the 3 tykes I’m coaching from the University of Vermont. I’ll mold them into the most aggressive little bastards that ever mounted a 2 wheeler, and if they don’t turn into just that, well… it’s their fault.

The people I’ll meet. Well, who knows who they are? Who knows. I’d really like to get my hands on Who and give her a kick in the ass for messing with everyone for all these years. Who is a girl, no man could keep that up for so long.

I’ll bring my past with hopes of a bright future and worthy application. I’m truly grateful for this experience. I know that I’ve worked hard for it and I really think I deserve it. It’s not taken for granted. I want this trip and my experience this year to help make me who I am. Most of all I want to be an understanding, kind and gracious human being, one who is appreciative and enjoys the days as they come. With that I’ll leave you with a few words from Einstein that go something like this:

There are two ways to live your life - one is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.

I think that we’d all have a heck of a lot more fun if everything were a damn miracle.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2

The Cross season was amazing. Richard @ was amazing as were all of our sponsors and supporters that cannot be forgotten. I'm now looking forward to the road season with Team Type 1, but no matter what my training is, or what my 'Cross season was, the challenge will be a hard mountain to climb.

I took a brief rest from racing and riding after the Sachs family's final trip to Cyclocross Nationals in Bend, Oregon. I've pulled a few days of running and mixed with some short trainer rides to hold me over before I make my way to the West Coast for the real training to begin. I've never been to California. I hope Santa Barbara will give me a bold taste of what it's like out there.

My plans are to enjoy one last evening here in Burlington, VT with my greatest friends from College and to make my way home tomorrow morning before I fly out there on Tuesday the 5th, get picked up by friend and coach Lyne Bessette, only to commence my pre-camp training with Big Brother Timmy to help him prep for 'Cross Worlds.

Today, I wanted to be prepared to spin for hours behind Tim's blur of stars and stripes so I gave myself a short preview- a tough 3hr roller ride with College mate Chris Worden finishing with some short intervals in the last 40 minutes to help the body remember what threshold feels like.

I'm going to make the most of my last night in Burlington until March. Adieu until the morrow.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Testing 1, 2


This post is a preliminary experiment. I'm planning to keep some consistent records as this 2010 year marks the commencement of my first career.

The Dragon